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Bel canto DAC 2
John2525: Does the DAC 2 provide an improvement for CDs over the analog outputs of the PL-2? I am going to try a PL-2 and was hoping the PL-2 would be good enough as is and not need an outboard DAC. I would think the analog outputs of the PL-2 wou... 
Mirage OMD-28
Many people may not like the Mirage bipolar/omnipolar sound but I have a hard time considering a pair of $7000 speakers as "mid-fi". 
Lector 7T and tube rolling
I own this player am using some Mullards that I bought from Upscale Audio and am very pleased. The Mullards will smooth out the highs and are great in the mids. 
c-j technical questions
I own the MF2500 and have asked this question of CJ in the past. I was told that the MF2500 will put out 400 watts per channel into a 4 ohm load. I did not perceive any reluctance on the part of CJ to give me this information. 
Why "Cryo" anything?
As with most things in life, perception is reality. 
Why "Cryo" anything?
Because the people who do it can then have a reason to charge you more for the product. 
The black hole of component repair?
It sounds like my experience has not been unique. The other part of this experience has been the misinformation and sugar-coated answers I have received when I have called to find out where things were with repairs. If you can't look at a componen... 
Best Cd Player under $100,000
The $98,000 CDP-X is OK but its not in the same class as the big boys. The $150,000 CDP-Y and the $180,000 CDP-Z absolutely smoke it and blow it away. Both are highly recommended! 
Proceed AVP Help.....
I think there was some software upgrade to use these channels. I had an AVP and now I have the AVP2. My AVP could not be configured to use these channels but my AVP2 can. 
An audiophile who know NOTHING about TV
Boy, do I feel your pain. I have owned a Pioneer Elite 50" CRT rear projection analog set for the last 5 years and have been looking at HD sets the last few months primarily because I want to watch football in HD and also because I want to be able... 
Marantz DV8400 vs Pioneer DV-59avi
Theo: What did you think of the Marantz 9500 vs. the Pioneer Elite 59avi in terms of video performance? I am looking for a DVD player primarily for video use and am considering these two players. Thanks. 
Audio Research Ref 3 Opinions
Guidocorona: The Ref 2 was not unique. If you look at the release dates of Audio Research products in the Audiogon BlueBook section you will see that this practice has involved many of their products in the past, and many times the new version app... 
Audio Research Ref 3 Opinions
If Audio Research holds true to form, a Ref 3 Mk. 2 version should be out in less than a year. 
DirecTV HD question?
Just read the short article in The Perfect Vision. Doesn't look like this would be the right time to upgrade to DirecTV HD. I am not interested in putting a new dish up in 6-12 months or taking the risk of having to trash a $1000 HD TIVO DVR box. 
Opinions on the Faroudja DV 1000 DVD/CD player?
I have never owned one but I remember it getting good reviews. If my memory is correct, this player was based on an early Toshiba player and could not read or output a DTS signal. This was something many early DVD players could not do.