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Conrad Johnson PV-7 phono stage any good?
I was advised by a gentleman named Bill Thalmann that V4was the more important of the 2. I have changed V5 also (in addition to V4) and noticed a difference.My PV-7 linestage is very noisy for some reason (not the tubes). I am keeping it for it's ... 
Best cheap speaker cables............again
I share the previous poster's view on the Morrow.I like this one better than the Morrow: bought a pair without connectors to see if I liked them.But; one's blessing is ano... 
Tubes for a Shanling CDT-100
For readers that do not know, the player comes with 4 6N3 tubes; 2 for the headphone amp and 2 for the CD player.I replaced the 2 stock 6N3s for the player side with Western Electric 396As.Clearly better than the stock tubes. 
Triode Wire Labs 10 power cord upgraded vs 10+
I had an 8 and really liked it. I sent it to Pete for the upgrade to 8+. It is simply a better cord. More detail; better imaging, soundstage and transparency - without losing the organic fullness and solidity. 
Question about Morrow ICs?
I have had the same experience with speaker cables and ICs that have been run in, taken out-and put back in - whether they are Morrow or something else. It seems to take at least 2 or more days before they sound like they did before. 
Problems with Mapleshade cables
Yes, that was an exaggeration. I have an older set of the ICs and have only seen a picture of the newer iteration. But honestly, the one I saw in the picture looks somewhat homemade to me. Presumably it sounds better than the previous version and ... 
Problems with Mapleshade cables
Getting back to the OP's question:" ... My question is, has anyone else had this type of problem with these I/C?"I own the Excalibur ICs and the Double Helix SCs. And no, I have not had the problem the poster refers to. Though I can see how this c... 
Are there hybrid cables - solid and stranded?
Here is a bulk interconnect (Neotech 3001): 
Torn between two IC's... Please help...
Hello - I have an MA-3 (Pre to Amp)and an MA-4 (DAC to Pre), both with the Eichmann copper RCAs. After run-in, I experienced a fuller smoother sound (I suspect the Eichmann's contributed to some degree) with more music coming through. They have be... 
Apartment system iPod to headphones
This is certainly cheap: have used it with a mini to RCA adapter and my own RCA cables 
I inquired further. The individual kindly advised that: a more rigorous power supply may coming out for the Plus; and that this information was from higher up and not elaborated upon, even with additional questioning. This information seems to dov... 
I sent an email to sales asking about this, mentioning the different cable needed for the Plus. The response I got was:"I am sorry to report that the PGP100 will not work with the DacMagic Plus."As this is non-responsive, I guess I will have to ca... 
Does anyone know if Audio Advisor is trying to get, or has a cable for the Pangea P100 that fits the DACMagic Plus? Their site doesn't specify a cable for the Plus. 
Can I "double-wire" speakers?
Washington highend audio - I have a Sophia "Baby" and was wondering about item 2: "2. If you desire for bi-wiring, then two Baby Amplifiers are needed." Did you mean two are needed for passive bi-amping? If not, could you explain why 2 would be ne...