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High Efficiency Monitors - List
Here is a link to Welborne Labs, they list some speakers. No affiliation., 
The best power conditioner for less than $1K?
While I think power conditioning is important (just bought a Hydra 4), I think you should be looking elswhere to "warm" up your system. maybe loan some cables from the cable company, copper instead of silver (I am a Pure Note fan,) like Purist. I ... 
The best power conditioner for less than $1K?
Just curious what your current cabling (IC's, SC's and PC's)is?Regards, 
I saw Pearl Jam last night...
Samski, Amen. NEVER should the two be mixed. Music is to be enjoyed, the stage shouldn't be a pulpit. 
Marantz 2275
Try looking over at I believe there are also sponsor banners for repairs, etc. 
Alfa Core Goertz MI2
Stock plate jumpers on speakers are not very good. You may want to purchase a pair of wire jumpers to replace the stock ones. Maybe someone can chime in on a good budget pair. Or maybe make your own, spades or bananas and wire? These would be bett... 
Are there any budget tubed preamps that stand out
Eastern Electric Minimax used, very nice pre. 
I have $1200 for a CDP Which one and why?
Can't go wrong with a Music Hall cdp for around $500-$600, you'll have alot left over too.Obviously Doak's response is not true.What kind of cabling do you have? 
Machina Dynamic Brilliant Pebbles?
Man,These guy are laughing all the way to the bank.Wait until they come out with their "audio paint", should be a huge hit. 
help with a lush 50 watt+ amp
I own the AES Six Pacs and they are great amps. However, I wouldn't describe them as "lush". Being EL34 based they do have that midrange magic though.Regards, 
Anybody have a problem buying modded units.
I think modded units offer a huge bang for the buck and are tough to beat. Now, in saying that, I think you need to focus on those that have an excellent reputation for their mods, as well as their service and support. The modded units of these in... 
Hints on how to sell on A'gon?
Pics, Pics, Pics,and a proper, easy to read, straightforward description with no spelling errors. And you don't need to list a reason for selling. NO ALL CAPS EITHER.I was once told by someone who sold quite a bit that Friday evening or Saturday m... 
VH Pulsar or TG Audio regular silver (not bright!). Can't go wrong with either. Best? Don't know. 
What finish is more attractive: Wood or paint?
I have the Ruby Heart Red's, love them.Have to love wood too though, I can live with either. 
Shunyata Hydra vs Chang lightspeed?
You would probably get more response if you posted under the appropriate forum, like misc. or amp/preamp.Regards,