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What new amp for my Merlins
Tabl,The Six's are actually quite attractive, but just like anything else subjective. I don't batteries for my digital camera or I would. 
Cables for Merlin VSM-MXe speakers
Golden ReferenceTG Audioare 2 more that work with Merlins, but everything has to do with what the rest of your system is; ss, tubes, etc. 
What new amp for my Merlins
I am using the Six Pac monos (50 watts) with my MX's. Very nice results. 
Home Depot Ext. Cord for Speaker Cable
I agree with Steuspeed. You spent how much on your gear and you wish to fine tune it using HD wire?I have used the HD wire, it is OK, not great. Give it a try though, as mentioned it is a cheap DIY project and is fun. If you don't have enough cash... 
Strange how many used valves measure NOS?
I recall reading (I think) that many tubes will test in the new range even though they are used. But at some point test wise they drop off the table (not a smooth curve between new and used). Don't hold me too it though. 
Beginner/ Starter cables
Listing your system would help in members recommendaton for you. 
Analysis Plus Oval 9 vs Crystal Oval 8
Click link for a comparison: 
Mccormack DNA125 or Belles 150A Hot Rod
To Ayre is human....:-) 
Mccormack DNA125 or Belles 150A Hot Rod
McCormack is a great amp and offers an upgrade path via mods by Steve himself. I have not heard the Belles, though I do use his 21A pre w/Auricap upgrade. Excellent pre.Good Luck, 
Tube preamp $1500-2000 for a thin sounding amp?
How about Cary or AES. 
Best 2 channel for under 300?
If you are talking receivers, the best are the ones from the 70's. Much better build quality, looks and sound.Under $300 will get you many of them. Yamaha CR-2020, Pioneer SX-1050, Sansui 9090DB, Marantz 2265B. Visit http://www.audiokarma.organd d... 
Your vote: Most Useless Audio Adjective
I agree with Narrod on "Blows Away", uugghhh. 
Your vote: Most Useless Audio Adjective
"Priced to Sell" 
Stereo Tube Amps for JM Labs Electra 927 Be
Why limit yourself to stereo tube amps, why not ss monos, stereo, hybrid integrateds, integrateds, SET's, digital switching, ICE, battery powered, etc.Of course you are limiting yourself, you have to start doing it somehow. Go with what you want, ... 
Longer Power Cords Sound better?
You guys are all off base. Battery power is where it's at