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New Powersupply for Modwright owners
Cmach,I was sniffing around today about the upgrade on some other sites. Do you lose anythign compared to the SS, like frequency extremes, etc.Thnx,Matty 
Top 5 Minnie Pearl Songs?
My favorites of hers are: "Love Me With My Hat On"""On Top of Ole Roy""Drunken Cowboys Need Lovin Too""Man's Best Friend is Also a Women's""He Got the Gold Mine, I Got the Shaft" (remake) 
Neotech UPOCC Silver Interconnects vs AZen
Dbld,AHFartAudio out of Taiwan sells them. Their website is:http://www.AHFartaudio.comDrop them an email. I have no affiliation, etc. 
What about a Belles 21A? Not sure of the width though. 
Your top 3 comedians
How could I forget Rodney.....:-("My wife, she likes to talk while having sex. So the other night she called me from the hotel..."Rodney is THE king without doubt. Thnx Trejla. 
Your top 3 comedians
John CandyMike MeyersDave Chappelle 
Vince Gill's Latest Release...4 CDs, 43 songs with
He is really talented and I enjoy his work. I just wonder why he went overboard with so many songs? Trying to made a huge splash on his comeback? 43 just seems excessive. 
Tube SET Pre to Tube SET Amp
Warrenh,Wait a sec, Zu's? What happened to the Caravelles, YBA, Prima, Harmonix cables....Wow.... 
Looking for CD player with volume control?
I think someone on A'gon is selling a Modwright Sony cdp with volume control. No affiliation, etc.Definitely one to consider. 
Who Do You Credit For Getting You Into This Hobby?
I would have to credit my ex-wife. If I was still married I probably would have never started looking around for such things to occupy my time/make me happy. Lol. 
Live classic 70s Southern ROck......
Phase/Tvad,Can I hitch a ride? Of course I would bring the Turkey 101, none of that panty waist stuff. 
Live classic 70s Southern ROck......
Marshall TuckerOutlawsDixie DregsBlackfootLittle FeatHenry Paul BandI think there all 70's and have live albums, maybe not. 
best bang for the buck tube preamp?
Used Eastern Electric Minimax 
Cables for Merlin VSM-MXe speakers
Skip,Yes, TG. Not all silver is as you think. Many can vouch for the pairing of TG and Merlins, including me. It is what I currently use. 
Best POP audiophile recording/album...
Dido "Life for Rent" is a very good "pop" CD, both music and recording wise.