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What's better than Oritek X-2
how much are the X-2's by the way (1 meter), I couldnt see that info on the website. 
Recommendations for a sub $600 power strip?
Maybe also a Vans Evers Super Companion power strip. I have one, no complaints. I think they still make them. 
Best Acoustic Guitar Players Of All Time?
Lol,Other than Chet Akins I do not know one name. Guess I'll have to look into acoustic guitar musicians further. Thnx. 
Best Budget Silver/Silver-Blend Interconnects?
TG Audio all the way. On the used market, an outright steal. 
"romantic" sounding cabling
Purist Museaus are a good cable with such qualities. Kimber KS-1011 also. 
Got the itch again "real bad" for tube mono blocks
Amen to what Dwhitt said.... 
Is it time to see a shrink?
I think it is the name, "Krell". Just sounds irritating...Krell makes great gear, just believe in that. 
Best "Rock/Pop" Debut Album?
Guns N Roses - Appetite for Destruction 
Anyone else experiencing the rude highend retailer
I will describe the other side of the coin.The two dealers near me are great; willing to take the time to talk about products and existing systems, matching, you can sit and demo as long as you want, etc.They do exist! 
Why Purchase used tubes?
Warren,No guarantee, thus buy from reputable sellers. NOS can test new but can be used. Also, tubes I believe don't have a linear curve when it comes to life span. More like dropping off a table.I buy used to try out tubes to see how they sound in... 
preamp remote won't work??
I had a remote go on my pre (other brand), cost me $30 to replace. 
Who has Caps on their AC lines ???
The ones I used were: Auricap .47 uF 600VYou can purchase the from VH Audio (no affiliation, etc.). 
Who has Caps on their AC lines ???
I used Auricaps in parallel on my AC, was a very nice tweek. Lowered the noise floor nicely. I removed them however, I wasn't comfortable having them on my AC due to the outside chance they could be a fire hazard. I have two kids and live in an ap... 
NAD Quality?
Only thing I would add is check to see that there is a warranty. 
Best integrated for B&W 704 and Rega Apollo
I heard the Classe integrated (it was the older 150) with B&W's, great match. Siltech cabling and Classe cdp made up the rest of the system I heard.