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anyone mention tull?
What a great heavy metal band.......not! Them winning that award still kills me. 
How far would you drive to audition a component?
2 hours 
Are the Grammy's becoming irrelevant?
Not to mention that the Dixie Chicks are not only hot looking but are actually talented. Half the award winners are nothing more than Milli-Vanilli's....I like these type of events for the outfits (READ hot women)and seeing Joan Rivers make a fool... 
Budget Power Cords For Tube Mono Amps ?
Buy some bulk DH Labs Power plus cable, some Wattgates, and make your own..... 
Is Supratek Syrah still the deal of the century?
Sbank,Thnx for the info, that is good to know and makes a big difference, to me anyway. 
Is Supratek Syrah still the deal of the century?
To add to Dazz's remark:Not to mention he lives in Australia, how much does it cost to ship if a repair is needed? While I am sure it is a great unit and lives up to the hype, this would be a deal-breaker for me. 
missed buying opportunities
The problem for me is not passing.....Just bought a Marantz 2265B off of Ebay last night since the price was fair and came with a wood case. Need another receiver like I need a hole in my head (20).Will it ever end..... 
What? No Norah Jones New CD Thread?
OK,Bought the CD tonight, very good sonics, love her voice. I just wish she would stop writing her own songs, uugghh.They were OK lyrics but... 
Looking for insight on the Green Mountain Europas
I owned the Europas, replaced a pair of Epos M12's. Much more refined, fuller sound. Really, really liked them, not to mention Roy and Co. are the best.Had to go to Merlin TSM-MX's to get better sound. For the money, the Europas are hard to beat. 
Sansui AU-919 / AU-719
You should vist the website a focus on vintage gear, there is a classified section where members post. GREAT bunch of people, no BS over there. 
Any guidance for buying used tubes?
Used tubes can be valuable if you are just starting to roll tubes and are not sure exactly what you are looking for. Costing far less, you can experiment until you find the best match. Then buy NOS. Doesn't make sense buying expensive NOS if you a... 
Album which you have listened to most?
Jackson Brown's latest "Live" CDRobert Cray "Sweet Potato Pie"Kelly Joe Phelps "Tap the Red Cane Whirlwind" 
Shouldn't the Bass be felt? Duh
Bass isnt as important to me as a smooth, clean, extended treble. Combined with the fact that my listening room is only like 13x15, extended, bone rattling bass isn't missed. However, the bass I do have is tight and clean. 
Best rock song of all times
"Never Been Any Reason"by Head East. 
Power cable for tube output cdp
So many options: Blue Circle BC61, Kimber PK14, Signal Cable, DH Labs Power Plus.