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What do you do when you listen to music?
Well, right now I am wrapping presents and having wine while the football game is on TV (no sound).Nora Jones is trying to seduce me while I wrap.....:-) 
Welcome girl newbie.......With your budget I would also recommend getting a quality vintage receiver from the 80's with phono. Look at Marantz, Pioneer, Yamaha and Sansui. Built like a tank, beautiful and great sound to boot. Make a visit over at ... 
Have you found audio nirvana?
I haven't changed my system for about a year.Hmmmm........maybe I should star sniffing around to see what's new........ 
Non classical piano based music recommendaiton
Don't laugh but....Barry Manilow.OK, maybe you can laugh a little. 
Small, tube-friendly speaker suggestions needed
Second the Merlins...... 
Most helpful audio companies
In no order:Bobby - MerlinDan - ModwrightRoy - Green MountainRobert - Ridge Street 
Best place to source obsolete parts?
What about Digi-Key?Curious what tuner it is. If it is a vintage tuner like a Pioneer, Kenwood, Yamaha, etc. you might be able to ask for help over on Or, what about buying a parts unit from Ebay?Good luck. 
CD Player: "Love at First Listen" recommendation
Music Hall CD25, especially in HDCD mode. 
What equipment or event thrust you into the hobby?
Separation from my wife and needed something to occupy my time. Audio Advisor website caught my eye, bought a pair of Sound Dynamic speakers and next thing you know....... 
why don't they get it?
Hey,less people to be worried about finding/getting the gear before you do. 
Home made power strips
10 Audio lays out a project on a DIY conditioner here: 
What equipment do you most regret parting with??
Hydra 4 right before the prices went up. 
Monitors for Sim integrated
How about Sim and Merlins? I have the Merlin TSM-MX, heard the pair at a dealer, very nice. 
Suggestion for preamp - Spendor's & Cary
Belles 21A pre while tubed, is very detailed, fast and extended while retaining those other tube characteristics. I use it with my Cary/AES Six Pac tube monos. Look for the review of the 21A on the web. 
Help needed with ICs
What they do is charge a % of the cost of the cables borrowed, 5 or 10% I think. Then they hold the amount charged in an account for you, and apply it to a future purchase you make with them. Basically a credit towards a future purchase.