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Need recommendation for power amp under $250
Vintage is the way to go......Kenwood, Pioneer, H/K, Carver, Yammy, etc. 
whats the finest recorded cd you've heard?
Jackson Brown's Solo Acoustic Volume 1 
Service my Belles
I own a Belles pre and have communicated with Dave on multiple occasions; from needing to get my remote replaced,discussing which tubes to use to discussing how to install Auricaps (by a 3rd party prof.).He has always been available and has always... 
Help with upgrading speaker cables
Audience AU24 would be a good choice. I use TG Audio cables which are silver but they are not bright, they are detailed, smooth and slightly warm.Audio Note Lexus is another good choice. 
Which is best amp, Mccormack 125, Belles 150 or
The McCormack also allows for an upgrade path via mods by Steve himself. 
The best acoustic guitar recordings??
I'll also recommend Kelly Joe Phelps, I especially like his work entitled "Tap the Red Cane Whirlwind". 
Interconnects Audience or Analysis Plus
I would say the Solo's are more detailed and clean and the AU24's more fleshed out (but still with excellent detail).I preferred the Audience in my system.Both are great IC's. 
Is there a killer preamp for 1500?
I have been very happy with a Belles 21A pre, and I upgraded it with the Auricap upgrade.A tube pre with the detail of ss... 
Interconnects with smooth highs 4 Manley Stingray
TG Audio will do the trick. 
Soundstage wide and deep but not at all tall. . .
I believe I have read previously that a system being "out of phase" may cause the collapse of the vertical soundstage. Does any of your equipment invert phase? Just passing it on as a possibility.........don't know this from first hand experience.... 
Integrated Amp Bargains with good balanced sound?
Look at some of the Arcams, A65, A75, etc.Matty 
Top 5 recievers of the 70's and 80's ????
Marantz 2285BYamaha CR-3020Pioneer SX-1250Concept 16.5 
How big a deal is the 120 hz feature on new TV's?
Well,I saw the difference today, quite noticeable. There was a Nascar clip on and the were streaming the leaders names across the scene. You could see how much smoother it was with the 120 hz "smooth" feature the Samsung had. What is it called, Au... 
How big a deal is the 120 hz feature on new TV's?
I am curious about this too as I am currently shopping for a LCD..... 
The CD you most listened to back in 2007 ?
Jackson Brown's Latest Live album.