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Share thoughts on Keith Jarrett
Isn't he the guy that does those Subway commercials.......;-) 
Taylor Swift
In this day and age, popularity has little to do with talent and more to do with marketability, She's young, hot, likeable and doesn't sound horrible.Did I mention hot? Not liking those vulcan eyebrows though...... 
Recommendations for 5-Disc Carousel Player
Take a look at Yamaha; I own an older CDC-655 and have always been impressed with it. 
What's the farthest you've traveled for live music
I went to Hampton Beach, NH from Albany, NY to see Santana.Other than that, went to Montreal to hear/see Phanthom of The Opera. 
Any Michael Bub'le fans.......
I have to say I have recently become a fan, his recent songs are very enjoyable. 
Best integrated tube amp for 3A MM deCapo i?
How about a hybrid integrated? The Unison Unico is a great amp; I owned one with a pair of Epos M12. Paired well with the Epos, which need alot of power. 
So Many Choices - PCords for Digital Sources?
Do a search on JPS Digital PC's. Used they normally go for $220-$225. 
Ruby el34s sound flat?
They need patient. 
best solid state integrated to match with B&W 685s
How about an older Classe integrated like the Cap-101 or a Plinius 8100? 
anyone have experience with tube cdps'
You should also consider a Modwright tubed cdp, you can usually find them here used at a good price point.I do think a tubed output sounds more "natural", to me anyway. YMMV as always.........Matty 
Recommended components on Stereophile Magazine.
Stereophile is a good starting point but you need to then use your own ears and decide. Audition, audition, audition! I used to travel 1 1/2 hours plus to audition gear, or buy it here used and then flip it if I didn't like it.Enjoy the ride! It c... 
Advice on Mono-Blocks without breaking bank
You can find AES Six Pac mono's used for under $2k. 
American-made integrated tube amplifiers
What about Manley Stingray and I think David Belles (Power Modules) made/makes a well respected one. Though not sure the Belles was tubes or not......... 
Seeking Headphone Reccomendation
For Rock, I would think Grado not Senn. 
Cardas ICs are too warm for Tube amp
I think that with everything, matching is important. GR is a great product and many swear by it. In my tube set-up though, I preferred TG Audio over GR and also Audience.Obviously, YMMV. Buy a pair or two of used GR, you should be able to sell the...