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Responses from mattmiller

Best Network streamer with MQA?
Aurender!! Not only does Aurender make the best sounding streamers they also come with the Conductor app! This alone will be a big reason to choose a Aurender product. Matt M 
What amp for tannoy xt6f ?
If I were you I would drive these with a nice Prima Luna Integrated tube amp. Also, you could go with a Hegel H80.  
"Bookshelf" speakers designed to be placed near the wall behind them?
Totem Model One signature editions (they might be called Model Ones) These speakers will blow you away in terms of bass and dynamics with awesome high end extension. With proper stands ,you can place them a foot off the wall and they sound terrifi... 
Car amp marketing and nomenclature almost always take the continuous power output and the dynamic power output and add those numbers together then they times that by the number of channels to get one overall total power output number. This is misl... 
Upgrading from Integrated Amp to Separates
Check out Modwright, also I would consider a excellent McIntosh MC275 tube amp with a Mcintosh C22 preamp. This combo with the Harbeths would be a match made in heaven.....call Audio Classics for mac gear.  www.mcintoshlabs.comhttp://www.modwright... 
Oppo Ceasing production
Oppo makes the Sonica DAC and im sure will see streamer/non disc players from them soon. simao, If you connect a Aurender XL100 streamer (USB audio input), now you have the finest sounding streamer AND the Conductor app with built in Tidal as well... 
6550 tube for ARC Ref 6
The Tung Sol tubes were made in America in the northeast production facility thats what the company did, made tubes. General Electric, is a huge company that made and still makes many many different types of products, circuits ect... So thats why ... 
Integrated amp for my Dynaudio Contour 30s!
I have a pair of Dynaudio Contour 3.0's and I drive them with a double balanced push-pull solid state amp with 350wpc. McIntosh a match made in heaven if you want them to sound musical. Matt M  
Best hub like apple TV or Airport express etc to use for home with multiple stereo systems
Bluesound family of products. Its Sonos but better :-) Matt 
What is meant when someone says a component is lacking soul
when something "lacks soul" it is presenting the music in a analytical way, cold, accurate and detailed, but with no warmth or musicality that would otherwise make you want to listen longer and louder. Matt M 
Why are my woofers pumping?
Subsonic/rumble filters are crap! You have to use a combination of things 1. record clamp 2. Cart/tonearm compliance 3. Isolation 4.overall setup... I still get woofer pumping but not nearly to the extent it was happening before. I find that using... 
Paypal issue beware.
This is why I only accept a gold bar now for payment and then it must clear my bank first before shipping!! (new rules after getting burned on a sale last year)Matt M 
Phono cable recommendations
Why is your system humming? I would try and cure this before throwing money at cables. Hum is caused by many things, lamps, transformers, bare leads, or missing insulation on any cartridge clip wires, ground loop, ect...Matt M  
Rotel rsp 1572 anthem statementd2 or krell s100
For the REVELS's I would go with the ROTEL. Maybe the Anthem, I think a warmer amp is the one to choose. Matt  
If not an Oppo 205 then what?
Marantz makes comparable players as the Oppo's. Also Cambridge Audio as well are in the Oppo's price range for universal players.Matt