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Big, big room -- which 10-20k speakers?
McIntosh makes Speakers that do very well in large spaces. My dad has a pair of XRT-22's and they fill his huge great room with incredible sound. matt 
Does vinyl have a sound?
Yes Vinyl has a sound. It sounds REAL and Correct. Unlike digital that is so remixed and amped up and tweeked with. Of course i'm speaking of music that was made during vinyl's reign. I am so glad I can still find used records that sound fantastic... 
Advice on Equipment Upgrade
OK, Thanks to EVERYONE who posted. I am a complete numbskull. I started spinning vinyl a year ago and it has been a real learning experience trying to find used original albums. Trying to rebuild my record collection I purchased what I thought was... 
Advice on Equipment Upgrade
Wow that puts it into perspective..no wonder i'm scratching my head ..I was worried that the preamp was not a good match.So any Ideas? I could sell the Primaluna but for what replacement? I dont want to spend $3000-4500 on a McIntosh. Any Ideas fo... 
Best T/T Pods/ wood blocks to eliminate vibrations
I have this Table, And It would do a world of good if you had a rack with a shelf on points, then make sure your table is LEVEL check this by putting a horizontal level on the plinth then on the platter too. SO,the iso feet you choose should be al... 
Advice on Equipment Upgrade
Everyone should be able to click on the SYSTEM button next to my name in this thread to see Pictures!! let me know if you can't. 
Advice on Equipment Upgrade
Hey I see a lot is made of the room size. To clarify, the room is off a tiled entry way so the space is really larger. The room is small but opens up right away to a total size of 14'wide x 16' deep. Still not a great scenario I know.Also, The mat... 
Advice on Equipment Upgrade
i MOVE A LOT AND i ALWAYS SEEM TO GET STUCK IN CRAPPY ROOMS..i HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT. I dont like my system on the 2nd floor its awful ...the first floor is the way to go. Yes the room is small. I have tried smaller speakers in hear like Epos Es22.... 
Amp and speaker matching.
I wanted to Thank everyone that responded...Most particularlyAtmasphere for the very informative link and Yes I agree it would have to be a 200watt or better tube design.Maybe a Audio Research. It this point i'm really thinking of improving the pr... 
Upgrades to Analog System
I think you would realize an incredible upgrade if you changed to a Prima Luna Integrated or mono blocks with a prologue three. These are very affordable new! And I think otherwise your system is Awesome!Matt 
Old TT vs New TT: Rebuilt Dual 701 or Rega RP3
I have not heard of this wire upgrade for the REGA can u elaborate plz.Also, is it fairly easy to do yourself? I have heard of the counter weight and do not have that Yet :-)Matt 
Old TT vs New TT: Rebuilt Dual 701 or Rega RP3
I have owned older Thornes TT's in the past. A year ago I dusted off my Vinyls and bought a Rega P3/24 for $600 and replaced the subplatter,belt and put a beautiful acrylic platter.Mounted a Nagaoka MP200. And I would have to spend over $5500 or m... 
Rega RB301 VTA Adjustment other than standard?
Hi I have a Rega w/RB-301 and I use a JA Mitchel Record Clamp, it has a burled aluminum knob and is very light, you just push down a little and it grabs the spindle (I have an upgraded groovetracer subplatter, it has a longer spindle) Pucks just s... 
Bass amp for a tri-amped system?
McIntosh Makes very tight deep bass....Almost all of thier more powerful amps are double bal push pull design. Also, Bryston is great for bass And so is Classe Audio. Krells run Hot,They burn up too,overtime. 
Amp and speaker matching.
Note I use a Prima Luna Tube PreAmp...Prologue 3. McIntosh MC352 power amp Dynaudio Contour 3.0's and A Rega P3/24 with groovetracer upgrades and Nagaoka mp200 Cartridge. Cables from: Signal,Morrow Audio,Nordost. Thanks agian for the great INFO.