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Regards Apollo R vs. Saturn (used)
I know you dont wanna hear this, but is buying a older used player that you dont know anything about better than using your Apollo R as a transport and find a great DAC? I like the Apollo for its top loading CD, older players just tend to die quic... 
Music Server/Player for NOS R2R DAC
I like the Aurender idea a lot, they make streamers that are not too costly...but what you get is phenomenal in terms of SQ, USB 2.0 audio output, user interface (conductor app) and internal storage (most have at least 2TB's) plus external drive c... 
Stereo EQ in the hifi world ...?
SAE made equipment with parametric eq’s. The most favorite EQ’s by far from back in the day were made by Soundcraftsman.www.ebay.com/i/163189011750?chn=psMatt M 
My dilemma
Maggies are better served with a strong solid state amp i think. (maggies are tough to drive). I would also KEEP your MAC & CJ and find some better matched speakers, later on. Matt 
Problems with Martin Logan ESL speakers accepting a banana plug?
Maybe try a different shaped banana plug? Some can be easier than others to work with. Or you could try and Crimp the banana plug your self using a pliers and make it fit! If they are 5 way binding posts (they should be) you can unscrew the knob a... 
MC300 MC252 MC501 recommendations based on my setup
I use a MC352 (this amp was designed by Charlie Randall one of the best sounding SS amps they made) with a pair of Dynaudio Contour 3.0's, these speakers are rated at 200watts, I can easily drive them up to 350-400 watts (i like music loud too). O... 
Blue Node 2 ... ???
Hands down the best streamer for under $500......Bluesound Node 2 all the way! 
Morrow Audio re-design announcement: No more Ag coated Cu; Increased numbers of runs.
Mrdecibel.........Im sorry but your argument is based on lunacy. I take it then that everytime your smartphone gets upgraded by Apple or Samsung that you feel duped by the company for which you obviously choose through some leap of faith, that thi... 
Tidal streaming and classical music
"Arthur Salvatore convinced me to buy Coincident speakers "What the heck does this have to do with the OP's question?DON,I am not a big fan of Classical.Have you tried,https://play.primephonic.comfor streaming Classical music???Matt M  
Looking for a better preamp match for AT OC-9/III
After looking at the specs of both the cart and the phono amp. The Fanfare seems to be fixed at a 1k load. Your cartridge wants a setting of 100 ohms so that could be a factor. The Fanfare seems to have plenty of gain though so its a little perple... 
Recommended cork platter for my SL 1200 GR Technics TT
GRUV GLIDE...Kills static eliminates it! one of the best products for vinyl records imo, I dont play records without this stuff. You apply it once and then not agian for a long time. excellent. https://www.amazon.com/GruvGlide-GRUVGLIDE-DJ-Package... 
To Finish modding or not
The McIntosh 7150 is a Direct coupled circuit design one that McIntosh has used for a few decades I owned the MC 7200 and it was a fine amplifier great sound. However this circuit design is not McIntosh’s best. For a number of years in the 2000’s ... 
KEFLS50 Wireless - Possible to plug Turntable *and CD Player into Single AUX Input ???
The LS50's have several inputs, the AUX input will work for the TT as long as it is running through a phono stage first, like jond already stated. This allows the signal to be strong enough for the Aux analog input. Your CD player should have a "d... 
Which of these 3 simular streamers do I select - help!
Best Amps/preamps for Theil cs1 speakers
I think you mean you have a Adcom GFP 565 preamp the 555 is a amplifier. Also, When your really ready to hear those Theil's the way Jim intended, look at purchasing a McIntosh amp and pre amp! Matt M