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Turntable for My McIntosh C2600
I agree totally with goheelz, do you have a large record collection? Buying a turntable for around $1000 with a cartridge leaves limited but good choices. Rega RP3 w/elys ($1145) would be my choice. You could check out a Pro-Ject Classic 25th anni... 
McIntosh mc275
"Would not recommend this amp!" Dude you sound like a child! A on off switch? You dont have to get on here and bash the MAC 275 amp, it has a history that goes back to before you were born and no one is listening. On what grounds do you "NOT recom... 
Sennhieser 650's
Cardas (imho) imparts there own sonic signature in a very powerful way. I like cables that don't do this in fact they do the opposite. Matt M   
To all that has a Theta Miles CD player
Its a dino....look to get a Aurender music player to replace it...youll be glad you did. 
I give up on new vinyl
Read this thread that started a while back to better understand this issue....https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/new-vinyl-2Matt  
Bluseound Node 2i
" Reviewed as network transport and also as network player"One thing is for sure, we still are all struggling with these inconsistent terms ie...Transport...Player!??! I mean really, the Node 2 is a compact network audio Streamer, it does not play... 
Aurender vs. Roon
Seriously tho, Audio Doc, If I already have a Aurender and external DAC connected via USB 2.0 using the Conductor app How can I incorporate ROON? Also, If my main listening taste is Classical music is ROON even worth pursuing?Matt M 
Aurender vs. Roon
Audio Doctor, I dont know anything about ROON really, I just wanted you to tell me ...Thanks :-)Matt M 
Yamaha turntable YP-211 question
I'm sure the sound would be changed if the bottom cover was in place , it also is where the feet mount. I would get a piece of pressed wood or even plywood and replace.  
Rega P25 cartridge upgrade
Hi Thom, I can tell you with the utmost certainty that if your looking for a big upgrade in sound from a cartridge, look no further than the Dynavector 10X5. This is a high output MC cartridge that will work fine with a MM phono input/stage. All I... 
Aurender vs. Roon
" Aurender does perform well but the lack of true Roon compatiblity is hurting them "This is a laughable statement as Aurender is the clear choice for anyone who cares about the quality of sound in there home. The conductor app blows away everythi... 
Turntable got absolutely crushed by CD
I dont care what edition Denon DL103 you are using, they are average at best (these were the goto cart for radio stations). Also, The tonearm is not the problem, put that Dynavector on it and you will hear a huge difference. I want to say that If ... 
Time for a Pre change? Need the wisdom...
There is nothing wrong with the sound of a correctly functioning C41 MAC. I doubt that it is the problem look else where in your system. C41's are clean clear and detailed with great high's typical of of a McIntosh preamp. Matt M 
Anyone with Manley Chinook use a custom Power Cord?
Okay I use a Signal Cable "Magic" Power cord with my Manley Labs Chinook and it makes a big difference. What I found was a much tighter overall sound if that makes sense, everything improved. Also, putting some brass weights or something to dampen... 
Best MM?
I use a JA Michell Gyro SE with the latest Gen Techno Arm and so far the Two cartridges I really love in the $1K range are the Dynavector 20X2L and the CA Maestro Ebony V2. Now these are both completely different in great ways....The Maestro is be...