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50th Woodstock Anniversay Concert ; Michael Lang
I wouldn't go to that on a dare !! 
Manley Chinook or Any comparable Preamp?
Having owned several preamps two other tube types, I can say I'll most likely stay with my Chinook, The SE addition is not worth the extra mile in my opinion cause the stock EH tubes are the best I've tried, plus the Manly customer service is next... 
Best Amp for Magnepan 1.7?
I ran my 1.7s for years with a Krell 2ch power amp, then I bought a Bryston 4BSST cause at the time that’s what Magnepan was using in their demo rooms. There will come a day when I’ll most likely upgrade to a Bryston Cubed amp. 
... thoughts on Taylor Swift's REPUTATION CD...
I'll just stick to my first issue Vinyl collection. 
Ray Samuels Nighthawk F117 MM/MC
Thanks :)  , I currently have a Sutherland KC Vibe which sounds quite nice. I just don't care for the internal jumper set-up gain/load. 
How To Field Questions About Your Audiophile Lifestyle...
People make the craziest comments about my Maggies :)  
Mono Blocks on a Budget, is it possible?
O.P. GREAT post lots of good leads and suggestions. Similarly, anyone using low priced Monos for 1.7 Maggie’s. I’m using a fresh re-capped and updated Krell KAV-250a, it sounds very good about 500W @ 4ohms. 
Worthwhile to refurbish an older amp?
A few months ago I had my Krell KAV-250a/2 serviced/ECN/recapped at the Krell factory :) It was quick, cheaper than I thought and the amp sounds better than perfect. BTW...I needed the 400W PC for my 1.7i Maggies. Very good experience :):):) 
speakers with balls
I think the 1.7i sound great but as mentioned before you'll need subs, I use 2 microvees and an amp that will produce a true 400w at 4ohms. 
@inna Tell me your speakers and I'll tell you who you are
4 ohm Magnepan 1.7 w Krell KAV 250aYou don't have to tell me I know :)  I'm one bad mofo :):) 
For me VTA is a must have feature on any tonearm....As I say that's just me :) 
Album Recommendations for Magnepans
How about an early press "Who's Next" a personal all-time fave ...... Keith Moon is excellent. 
A visit to the (Audio) Doctor
One comment....A salesman's job is to sell. Self education and understanding your need's is all on you :)    &  BTW, good luck and have fun! 
Looking for a reasonably priced good quality interconnect
Just a thought from a newbie, I thrashed over the same thoughts. I ended up going the DIY route :):):) the outcome was very positive plus I had the opportunity to do custom lengths. Really a very fun economical experience.  
What type of Audio Gal or Guy are you? Do You Know?
Music is my Time Machine ..... Very happy with my rig and assortment of cartridges.