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Krell Kct vs ARC Reference 2 MK2
How can you compare solid state with a tube pre amp.Doh! 
Tube preamp for under $3000
There is an Audio Horizons 2.3 just listed at $2075.An absolute steal at this price.I owned a 2.2 for many years and it easily bested Calypso,Mod wright,Cary,Sonic Frontiers.Emotionally immediate from the moment it is powered up,It has a touch of ... 
$510.00 for an Aluminum cover for the ARC Ref. 10?
Mitch4t That was kind of my point.Doh! 
$510.00 for an Aluminum cover for the ARC Ref. 10?
Guess none of you guys has ever owned a BMW. 
bryston 28bsst2 / mag's 3.7
I've had multiple systems of Maggies partnered with Bryston amps and tube preamps,which in my opinion is a requirement to flesh out that linear Bryston sound.What worked well for me were Audio Research products,specifically LS 15/16,Ref 3.Audio Ho... 
Most underrated Audio Manufacturers
Audio Horizons,Space Tech Labs. 
Seems like the best "upgrade" for tube amps....
Hmmmmm suppose you don't believe in foreplay either. 
Single ended RCA preamp short list
Audio Horizons past and current production models. 
Is the BAlabo BC-1 MKII Preamp the reigning King?
Believe what your ears say not hearsay.It's a Canadian saying eh! 
Adcom GFP-750 compared to AR LS-15
And I would second that opinion having owned both. 
Power for CAT preamp
Cabling like art is sometimes foolishly priced and there are many guys getting rich in this market.Wish I was that smart.Place your ego aside,you simply don't have to spend $800 to $1500 for a top shelf PC.I've owned many supposedly world class ca... 
Audio Horizon Pre Owners - Tube recommendations?
I owned a TP 2.0n fully modified to a 2.2 version and found the tube of choice for premium performance are Siemens CCa's.As I recall several other members of the AH fan club also tubed with CCa's and I believe that's what Joseph uses in his person... 
Cost of running a tube amp.
I run Coincident Technology Dragons at 75 wpc Class A.The heat generated by the 211 tubes heat my music room nicely and if the math is correct,probably at less cost than conventional heating.I'm really fooling myself because I haven't yet had to b... 
Anyone else receive low offers right away ?
Yup,why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly. 
Tube Pre-Amp Recommendation
The 2 Dudes that recommend the Dude are spot on.I owned a REF 3,it was a very accomplished pre amp but not in the same league as the Dude.