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Best option for Amp upgrade...
Unless you have an emotional attachment to the amp,move on.At some point you will want a change and those mods will be worth about 10 cents on the dollar.If solid state is your preference you may want to consider a Bryston 4B3 a clearly more evolv... 
Hornshoppe "the Truth" preamp - any opinions?
I too replaced my Coincident Line stage with the "TRUTH" based on the review by Arthur and favorable comments made by two others who replaced expensive active pre amps with the TRUTH.Also my first foray into passive.I've not spent a lot of time in... 
Preamp Deal Of The Century- Update
Welcome home 
For tube sound, which is more important: preamp or power amp?
Over the years I've had many tube pre's mated with tube and ss amps.I agree with those who have opined that the tube amp has more influence than a tube pre amp.That said,I'm now using a highly rated passive pre with a tube amp and together they yi... 
Cable recommendation between Dac and Integrated amp
The higher the price the bigger the profit margins.When you spend more on cabling than components it's time to re evaluate priorities.Not pointing fingers,just sayin.Mark Tunis,Bradenton Florida,handcrafted by a gifted artisan who understands the ... 
Please help me chose a tube preamp
I owned a Calypso and purchased based on reputation.I was under whelmed with the performance.Replaced with an Audio Horizons TP 20r which was audibly superior in every aspect of musical presentation.I'm not bashing the Calypso,it simply didn't mee... 
Power Cord
Marc Tunis Silver Ghost.Ridiculously as good as it gets at a favorable price point. 
David Berning Quadrature Z or Vitus SS-101
Has anyone made the jump to $uper High end and were disappointed?
Joey V I like your style it reflects my way of thinking. 
Exemplar Denon 3910 and Oppo 93/95
You want to stay away from Shanling,they may have the cool factor going but there are reliability issues. 
Clint Eastwood
Go ahead make my day. 
best tube integrated under $5000 ?
Kenny,pm sent this a.m. 
best tube integrated under $5000 ?
Coincident Technology Dynamo SE MKII.Actually preferred the musical presentation in my system to that of the BerningĀ  ZH270.With the right tube complement this is a top tier Integrated.$1495,yes $1495. 
What SS preamp compares to a tube preamp
I fooled myself on two occasions believing that I could go back from tube to solid state,only to be disappointed with what I was not hearing.You have a nice array of tubes,the problem in my opinion is your 2.5,you may want to consider a more evolv... 
Would like your tube amp recommendation
Premium speakers require high octane power,suggest you check out Coincident Technology Dragon MK 2 mono blocks.The only thing between you and the music is air.