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Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier
Why would you need a remote, you have to rise to refill your wineglass from time to time,right. 
Is Supratek Syrah still the deal of the century?
I had the distinct pleasure of owning a Syrah up until yesterday,it was purchased by a fellow "goner." I can say without doubt that it is the "piece de resistance"in performance and art.I had dispensed with my vinyl,hence the sale.The only concern... 
Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier
Bill and Joe,welcome to the most exclusive pre amp club in town.Look forward to seeing your comments. 
Advice on tube amp/pre
Check out the Pathos MKII integrated hybrid tube/ss.That is a beautiful piece of work.Upscale Audio has all the technical particulars. 
I have Maggie MG 1.6's - need amp advice
For years I used Bryston amps,Audio Research pre's,and 1.6's with very satisfying results.There seemed to be a natural synergy between Bryston amps and Maggies.This maybe urban legend,I was told when Magnepan and or Bryston went on a road show the... 
Opportunity to buy the best Preamp... but which?
You should consider the Audio Horizons TP 2.0,check out the threads in the discussion forum.You may want to think twice about Calloways recommendation in light of those comments.You have nothing to lose with a free 30 day home trial. 
Audio Horizon Preamp
I have to weigh in here,I am a big fan of Audio Horizons and in particular Joseph Chow and his extraordinary products.I agree with others that Stereophile is biased when it comes to the product reviews.Another interesting observation,most of the w... 
Ultralinear and Triode. What's the difference
I believe most with golden ears and even the audio writers that critique equipment for a living will tell you triode is where the real music happens. 
Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier
Well how about that, I started this thread months ago and now it's back like a proverbial boomerang.I now have a TP 2.0nB.After a traditional burn in period I auditioned against my Aesthetix Calypso.It was evident within several minutes that the T... 
Top ten tube preamps
Audio Horizons TP 2.0 nB version.Dollar for dollar it will trump anything out there.Check out their 30 day free home audition.Believe in what your ears say not hearsay. 
"Reference" Preamps
I thought I had the ultimate pre amp in the Aesthetix Calypso before I acquired an Audio Horizon TP 2.0,with the nB upgrade.You just can't go wrong here,the only downside is no remote.Check out the dialogue in this forum or sign yourself up for a ... 
Amp recommendations for Maggie 3.6?
Bryston has always worked well for me.I had the 1.6's and before that the MG 1's.The SST series of course being the most preferred because of the power ratings and the low noise floor.Marry that up with a tube pre and you will have yourself a nice... 
Personal amp evolution
Why not it's interesting reading and I'm a team player.CaztechBryston 3BBryston 3BSTPair of Bryston 3BST'sBryston 4BSTBryston 14BSTSpectron Musician IICary V12,went tubes,superior synergy with Electrostats.And that's all she wrote.