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Is low cost DAC worth it?
And after re-reading what I said above, i could have been clearer in my point.  
Is low cost DAC worth it?
Soix, i've been on a similar journey and had similar results as you. I'm currently way beyond the streaming and DAC components I mentioned earlier.  I was only trying to relate an experience I had that could improve upon the OP's current situation... 
Is low cost DAC worth it?
Have to disagree soix.  I did just that using my phone as a streamer into an Ares II.  It sounded almost as good as using a Node to stream in the same setup.  Never tried the Zen but can't imagine things changing that much.  But maybe they could. ... 
Is low cost DAC worth it?
Install USB Audio Player Pro on your phone and connect via usb to the DAC.  I believe the app is 5 bucks. Forget about airport x or your computer.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised.  
Is low cost DAC worth it?
And forget measurements, just listen!!  
Is low cost DAC worth it?
I have owned the  DacMagic 200 that you mention as well a Denafrips Ares II and Schiit Bifrost 2 mentioned by others.  The DacMagic is the least expensive of the 3 and can be found for under $500.  The Ares and Bifrost will cost a little bit more,... 
Aurender integrated streamer/DACs
Agree that the A200 needs to be broken in.  However, even out of the box there should be a night and day difference between the two, in favor of Aurender.  Could it be a defective player? Have you contacted Aurender?  They should be able to troubl... 
Lush and Romantic Tube Amps
Just to clarify a little more what I started out trying to say above, what I should have asked is what warm and lush amps have you heard that you’re trying to replicate?Assuming you didn’t like the CJ sound you mentioned in your other thread doesn... 
Lush and Romantic Tube Amps
What amps have you heard to make you think you want warm and lush?  Maybe mention those amps to give people a point of reference.  I ran CJ Pr.12xs (triode amps w/el34’s) for quite a while.  They were probably the warmest and lushest amps CJ made ... 
Conrad Johnson Classic 120se vs. Linear Tube Audio 40 Reference Amps
Something else you might think about trying.  Instead of using the Cygnus speaker cables look for the older model Golden Reference  which will also warm things up.  
Why scratchy sounds Denafrips DAC to Drop AAA 789
Denafrips DAC’s only support one output at a time  
"Can You Lift Yours?"
It took every last bid of strength I had to put my Pass amp in the box before calling UPS.  Now the first thing I look at when buying any new component is how much it weighs.  
Totem Mani-2 vs Devialet Phantoms Gold
I ran Mani 2 for several years using primarily Plinius amps.  The 9100 was 125watts and just marginally ok.  Not until I used the 9200 with 200 watts did the Mani's open up.  I did try tubes but lower powered tube amps will not provide the bass yo... 
Best preamp under 1500$ freya+ , cary slp03 ?
It is pretty amazing especially for the money.  But like everything else in our hobby you normally get what you pay for and $1,000 is just not enough for a really good preamp, tube or SS, balanced or not.  
Best amplifier for low to moderate listening levels
I drove Quads with CJ Premier 12xs with great success for many years. Not the same setup as you but very similar.  Pr12’s use EL34’s and have 60 watts per side just like your amp.  So I don’t believe the problem is your amp.  It should be driving ...