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Have any of you heard the Klipsch Forte speakers?
I have heard them and they have that great klipsch midrange. they will sounds beautiful with a flea powered SET amp.. 
My favorite Steely Dan song has to be...
Reeling in the years 
Pat Metheny Fans, Great Suggestions Please ??
I really Like "New Chataqua" - the last track on side b, with it's slow build up and then it's really joyous melody is magical!B 
Rush fans on the board ??
2112 is the first album i owned and, kimonos aside, it's my all-time favorite...second would be Caress of steel...I still remember seeing Metallica doing a cover of bastille day in Saskatoon one time...awesome! 
used koetsu
thanks guys...any ideas what a reasonable offer would be for a cartridge like that?I am thinking ~350-400 - is that way out of line? 
Low priced alternative to Benchmark Dac1
Give the Beresford TC 7510 a ~150 bucks is a true bargain. Several of us A/B'd it against the benchmarh USB DAC1 and the benchmark just barely won out (at about 8x the price) -plus, at that price it comes with a digital cable! 
Where to put my Shakti stone?
They modded mine...and it was not even as bad as a couple on here already! 
Dynavector 17D3 w/Audio Research SP15
I am using the 17D3 with an ARC PH3SE, which has a gain of 59 I think, and it is sufficient gain for me sounds real nice too! :)B 
Jump in now or wait?
I went from CD to PC-based music a while ago. I used a chaintech 7.1 soundcard (optical output) to a beresford tc-7510 dac, for the whopping grand total of 200$ including shipping, and I will never go back. After hearing the beresford up against t... 
Teres audio DIY turntable
Hey Thom,Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of the details, only vaguely.b 
K&K Phono
Thanks for that...sounds like it was up against pretty good competition :)Any thoughts on what its strengths are?b 
Teres audio DIY turntable
there are lots of sites devoted to personal teres builds, including the ones on their site which are numerous. I personally haven't heard one, but have seen the motor which is top notch. The teres TT as well as the 'cousin' company Redpoint both m... 
what do you think
I always thought it was a bad idea to have a TV in the bedroom ;) 
What's the best player or contender's under $1k?
Player? of what?My vote would be the clearaudio emotion/satisfy...with a decent cartridge it'll beat any cdp under 5k, hands down.For a cd player, looko for a rotel cd-1072 - a nice player with a great dac chip and also has hdcd decoding.b 
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
Hey Rhyno! No, DRI Rules!!! :) I was thinking that maybe noone on this board would even know DRI - not exactly 'audiophile' tunes, although crossover (the tour i saw) was quite well recorded compared to earlier stuff...In any case, that was easily...