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Good quality cd's
Most of the audiophile magazines devote at least some space to reviews - and The Absolute sound also has some 'top 100 sounding' lists...other than that, playback is good, and elusivedisc, acoustic sounds are also good.there are numerous other sit... 
Can anyone recommend a Phono Pre Amp?
Yeah, before I bought the ARC, I was looking seriously at the K&K...the only problems are that there is almost nowhere to hear one or try one out, and in the end, it's in kit form, which defintely hurts its resale value, despite what people sa... 
Can anyone recommend a Phono Pre Amp?
If you didn't edginess and lots of detail I would stay away from the JLTI. It is a very detailed and accurate phonostage with great pacing and drive as restock says, but it also has some harshness to it (almost like a digital glare) that ,in my op... 
New music on vinyl
yikes! Those Fone records start at around 35Euro! 
Have any of you heard the Klipsch Forte speakers?
i am going to look at a pair as early as tomorrow, and compare them with the cornwall and lascala! will report back my findings... 
Gas or Charcoal
yes Xie, coal is the way to go, unless you really don't like cooking and 'get into it' - it definitely leads to better food, but there is the whole Zen aspect as well (like Vinyl!)b 
Dynavector Karat 17D3---minimum gain needed?
I am using the 17d3 with an ARC PH3SE which has 54 or 56 dB gain...I like it fine, although it is pushing it a bit - i may try a stepup and see how it goes...B 
My soundstage is terrible. i need help bad.
the other thing is...check on your speaker positioning. make sure that if they're toed in that the angle is the same, distance to rear wall is the same, etc. Small differences like that can make a huge difference. 
Choices for Tube Integrated with 5 inputs?
A friend was just considering the Pass X150...and then there's the Copland CTA 405...depends what your budget is..Luxman, Gamut..the choices go on and on 
How do you choose?
depends on several factors - what preamp you are using, what speakers you are using, what size you room is, what type of music you listen to and how loud..etc, etc, etc!I would not really worry about the ratings until you have a plan as to what to... 
Gas or Charcoal
weber with lump charcoal...but there are two kinds of lump - the fast burning and slow. the slow burning coals are really good for smoking. I smoked a lake trout for 3 1/2 hrs a couple weeks ago and added a handful of coals only once!And definitel... 
New music on vinyl
I wonder what the minimum # of sales a company would need to do in order to make a vinyl pressing profitable? doesn't seem like too much - some of the most obscure modern pop/rock is released on vinyl, and can't have huge sales... 
Have any of you heard the Klipsch Forte speakers?
A years supply of Blue? hmmm...i dunno, I stopped drinking Blue years ago when I discovered guiness - nectar of the gods! Actually, there are quite a few canadian-made beers now that aer quite good (much better than labatts) and even some small am... 
Have any of you heard the Klipsch Forte speakers?
too bad you can't ship em to canada :)NC is too far a drive from Toronto! Oh well, once in a while a pair comes up for sale here...what i find interesting abot the forte model is the price range they seem to go for...I have seen them as low as 450... 
suggest valve amplifier for Living Voice speakers
I have heard th Verdier 45, and may know where one will befo sale's a beautiful sounding amp..the other i would try is a shindo.