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How Many Turntables Have You Owned
Have added a couple of Technics SP10mk2, a PTP Lenco L75, a Sony PS-X65, a Clearaudio Performance, a Basis 2001, a Collaro, an Empire 498 and I'm sure some others. Probably have owned at least 50 over the years, and at least 20 presently. 
What is my tonearm??
Jperry,I mounted a Vector 4 with calibrator on my 2001 without problem, although I had to turn the tonearm mount board to get the correct length and contact for the calibrator knob. Is there a different base that I should be using? 
What is my tonearm??
yes, I have the identical table/arm. Works well until you upgrade to a Basis Vector 4 arm, which I just did. 
Separates w/internal phono vs Integrated + phono
I run a Manley Steelhead into the aux on my Musical Fidelity M3 Nuvista integrated amp, and also use the phono input on the amp. The Steelhead sounds better, as it should, but it is not night and day better, so much depends on the quality of the e... 
clearaudio aurum beta s Help
Is it onlyy on one record or on all of them. If the record spindle hole is punched off center, it could cause the problem you are referring to. 
To those with multiple tables/arms/cartridges
My Manley Steelhead has 3 phono inputs and a line input that can take another phono input for a total of 4. front panel R and C and gain plus variable output gain, remote control and tubes for a lot less than $15,000. Who could ask for anything more. 
Turntable Upgrade From Modded Audio Note TT-1
I don't know what country you are in. A lot depends on what is available 
Turntable Upgrade From Modded Audio Note TT-1
for under $2000, I would get a new cartridge and maybe a new phono stage. I dont think an under $2000 turntable will make an appreciable difference in your sound, unless you got a great deal used. 
"Is that a record??? "
People in their late 40s would have come of age, their teens, about the time that LPs were disappearing from the record store shelves and cds and cassette were taking over, so they witnessed the demise, and probably thought it was all over. Their ... 
To those with multiple tables/arms/cartridges
Nandric,Yeah, I get that. In fact, one of my other tables has a replaceable headshell for that very purpose, and I have about 10 cartridges premounted on headshells that I change out once in a while just for giggles. that is certainly easier than ... 
To those with multiple tables/arms/cartridges
nandric,hearing a difference is not the same as making qualitive observations. Of course, gross differences can be heard, but I am referring to subtle ones. Is there a little more air, a little tighter bass, a little more clarity on the cymbals, a... 
To those with multiple tables/arms/cartridges
Nandric,Maybe you can change a cartridge and be ready to listen in 5 or 6 minutes, but I can't. Just taking off and putting on a cartridge takes me more time than that, without setting VTF and alignment. I mean, without your settings being perfect... 
Replacing my old soda Sapphire: which clearaudio
Current Sotas do not bounce around as the spring system is better controlled. The Sota Cosmos uses a different motor which is mounted on the solid aluminum plinth and therefore suspended, so those issues of unsprung motor/sprung platter are elimin... 
Need advice: Turntable Output Voltage
I dont understand what you mean by pumping up your phono input by 6db? your cartridge already puts out enough mv to allow your preamp section to reach full output. What do you mean by volume trim?If you want to match output with your cd player, th... 
To those with multiple tables/arms/cartridges
What easier way is there to compare cartridges than to mount two arms on one table with identical arms and play them both at the same time, switching between inputs to hear them each play the same album, seconds apart. Maybe some of you have a goo...