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What speakers should I consider around $5000?
I dont know where you are located, but the PSB Synchrony One speaker has consistently been a best buy and recommended by every reviewer. the are also available in most areas, and within your budget, so they will be easy to compare to whatever else... 
Hum and noises in McCormack amp
I am looking for a McCormack Micro drive amp, or the headphone amp that also has speaker outputs, the Micro Integrated Drive. 
vpi JMW arm lengths
I am certainly aware that changing wand lengths will change cartridge alignment. I will be mounting on a custom plinth SP102, with an arm mount that extends and rotates, so I can change the pivot distance easily. the wands will use different cartr... 
Desire upgrade but uncertain where to begin
the 17d3 is found on ebay for $895 new just about all the time, although not one right now. I dont know where you read a budget of $100, but probably a mistype. 
Review: Dynavector KARAT 23 R Cartridge
I just got back today a 17d2 and 23rs mr from Phono Cartridge Retipping. one had a missing stylus, the other a broken cantilever. both have been repaired beautifully. I will try over the next few days to see how they sound. turn around was about 2... 
Desire upgrade but uncertain where to begin
Dynavector 17d3 can be found in your price range.Very quick and detailed. 
How to order custom platter?
I havent used one to machine a platter, so I have no recommendation. 
Waaaah. Snapped off my cantilever.
I just had Andy repair 3 cartridges. turn around time was about 2 weeks after he got them. Havent got them back yet to see, but other work he has done for me has been first rate. I have also had Soundsmith do some cartridges, and they were excelle... 
How to order custom platter?
what platter do you want instead? do you want to keep the bearing. If not, you can purchase a VPI Classic alumnium platter or any number of platters from Transrotor, Clearaudio, ebay etc. Otherwise, you can send your bearing to a machine shop and ... 
Desire upgrade but uncertain where to begin
you need to decide on a budget. I personally would start over with a different front end in the $2500 range new retail if I was buying new.Or something in the $1000 range used. For sure get a better cartridge, but you can only go so far with that ... 
1 tonearm 2 cartridges
The Helius Omega can be purchased with removeable headshell, as can the SME 309. The Omega is the equal of any Graham, IMO. For a lower price, the Helius Aurora is also available with removeable headshell. 
Budget 2-ch vinyl playback system?
get a nice, used 70s japanese Direct Drive table for less than $300, even with cartridge. Plug it into a 70s integrated amp with phono for less than $150, hook up speakers, and away you go. 
VPI 3D tonearm
I have no idea if the VPI tonearm is complex or not, or if it sounds good, but I do know that the 3D process allows for much more complex structures than casting or machining would allow. I also know, that after a given production, 3D printing is ... 
VPI 3D tonearm
When 3d printing became economical enough for home users, I opinied that a tonearm would be a likely first audio use for 3d printing. the shapes and thicknesses are finely controlled, much more so than is available with casting or CNC machining an... 
How Many Turntables Have You Owned
I have my tables strewn all over the house, so I dont see them all at once. It I did, I might think I had a problem, fetish or addiction.