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Two medium size woofers Vs One big size woofer
Great, if that's the case, I get good sound along with aesthetics. 
Two medium size woofers Vs One big size woofer
Thanks you all for your comments.I currently have a pair of 3-way Sonus Fabers (one tweeter, one midrange and two 7 inches woofers). So I've looking into a new pair of speakers that could keep up with the space (1000 Sqft former factory loft, 13ft... 
Cayin A100T (EL34 Version) Tube Rolling
Thank you all for clarifying. Indeed, since there is not that much information about this integrated amplifier, I'm still not sure what are the specific functions of each pre-amp tube.Anyhow, from my experience, those are the tubes to experiment w... 
Power conditioner or outlet?
In my experience, plugging the Amplifier into the wall delivers more clarity and dynamics; have to say is not subtle, it's noticeable in my system. However, I'm not sure how much surge protection my Amplifier's fuse and built-in protection circuit... 
Cayin vs. Primaluna Tube Integrated Amplifier
They are the same, made by Spark Electronic Equipment in China.As a U.S. based company, Prima Luna might provide better tech support though. 
stock tubes in cayin amps
There are Shuguang-Sino, made in China; you can also find them as rebranded Ruby Tubes EL34s.¬†Unassuming and cheap tubes; nonetheless, sound pretty good. They are well-balanced with a hint of warmth. 
PRE IN and REC OUT on the Cayin A-100T Integrated Amplifier
Thank you Newbee, I really appreciate your input, you saved me some money on extra IC cables that I would have needed to try the "tape loop" route.It seems that I will have to go: Source->Loki->Integrated Amp, and listen if there is any soun... 
High Ceiling Room Treatment Help
Thanks all for the advice, sorry the link did not work 
Tips for warming up Rotel + B&W system?
I had a RB 1050 with the RC 1070 and a NAD C525Bee driving a pair of B&W 705 and they did sound bright to me, however with wall treatment and feet tweaks the sound improved greatly. Trust me you will get rid off that harshness and gain more de... 
Rotel RCD-1520 or 1072?
I have owned few cd players like the new Marantz CD5004 ( Liked the almost no distortion, sweet highs and nice bass )and the NAD C525Bee ( Liked the midrange on this one )but the RCD 1072 is the best so far, it has detail, nice balanced sound and ... 
Budget single disc player-under $600
I am looking for the same, I want to remplace my NAD C525Bee. Nothing wrong with the player, very good for the money but wish to find something better out there, my main goal is to find a player that puts this analog touch to music, i know some mi... 
Best BluRay Concerts
queen concert in canada, i have not tried the lossless audio format but the image quality is very good. I t was shot on film and they did a great job on the trasfering 
SACD's to avoid due to poor remastering.
totally agree, there is a lot of bad recordings on formats that are capable of much more. For example there is so many bad trasfers on blu ray movies. It all starts with the type of lenses,type of film, camera, camera settings, lighting, transfer ... 
Review: Sony SCD-XA5400ES CD Player
...I was wondering if the tray design and mechanism like the one found on the scd 1 and x777 makes these old cd players sound better in any way or now is more about the d/a and processors?Thank you 
Looking for Vintage Gear to photograph
Thank you for the information, I hope someone will be interested.happy holidays