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vacuum tube shelf life
I have a lightly used ARC SP3 which I bought in 1975. It still has the same tubes I bought it with, and it works fine. The preamp sat unused for about 15 years, then I sent it back to ARC for the 3C upgrade in 2003. ARC tested the tubes and said t... 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Maybe IMF SACM. Anybody else ever hear these? 
Audio Research Corporation ARC Reference 600
I just looked up the specs on the Klipsch KLF 30 speakers. Sensitivity is a very high 102 db. Unless you have a huge room and listen at ear-splitting levels, I think you would be hard pressed to stress a good 75 wpc amplifier such as the REf 75. M... 
Audio Research Corporation ARC Reference 600
It's a very expensive way to heat your house. 
Problem with Transition from MOG to Beats.
Thanks for your reply, Mofi.This gives me little reason to subscribe to Beats. I will probably not renew.thanks, Matt 
McIntosh to be on How It's Made this Thursday
I watched it too. I also found the transformer part interesting. On a general note, the segment made it pretty obvious that there is a high labor content in the assembly of amplifiers. No wonder so much of this industry has moved off-shore. 
Need computer audio advice.
Thanks for all your responses. Very helpful. 
Need computer audio advice.
Doggiehowser, thanks for your reply. It's a lot for me to digest, since I am not a computer geek. I will proceed carefully, first with a trip to the Apple store to check out external drives. I already have a 1TB drive used as back-up, using Time M... 
Moving to a dynamic speaker from a Electrostatic
I had Innersound Eros and switched to Acoustic Zen Adagio. This was because the Innersounds were too "beamy" (very small sweet spot) for my taste. 
Need help with Squeezebox Touch
Hi Mapman, I followed your suggestion on 1/30, to no avail. However, I was using the " undetected" SBT today using it's touchscreen, while browsing the web on my iPad. I brought up the iPad SBT controller, and after a minute or so, it detected bot... 
Need help with Squeezebox Touch
Thanks Mapman. I followed your advise. The iPad now detects one SBT, but not the other. Maybe the undetected SBT is not connected to the server (?). It is connected to the network. I will try that next. Any other suggestions ? .....Thanks, Matt 
MOG to shut down, replaced by Beats Music
This is a real bummer. I am a squeezebox touch owner and I just signed up for MOG a few days before I heard this news. I hope there is an equivalent quality substitute for MOG that is SBT compatible. 
What do audiophiles listen in their cars?
Sometimes NPR, sometimes talk radio, sometimes "oldies" radio, sometimes the sound of the boxer-6 engine with the top down. 
Is this your final audio system?
Never say never. 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
2006 Acura TL and a 2001 Porsche Boxster S