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McCormack SMC Audio upgrades: how good are they?
Steve, on a side issue, how would you characterize the improvement in sound due to the input transformer in the case of the DNA125/0.5/etc. (other things being equal)?thanksLuigi 
McCormack SMC Audio upgrades: how good are they?
do a search on the forum: there was a guy saying that a pair of Herron Monoblocks ($7000 new), sound overall better than a DNA125 rev. gold. Also, in my view upgrading to platinum will create you a problem, in that you'll need a SS preamp to drive... 
Question about power surge protection
as far as I know the best (sound-wise) and actually easiest thing would be to install a magnetic circuit breaker. 
McCormack monoblocks using DNA-HT1 / DNA-0.5
it wouldn't be much of work I suspect.. Steve would just put two little input transformer each in front of a pair of channel, and he would do a minor rewiring of the inputs and the outputs... I believe the advantages of the balanced operation woul... 
McCormack DNA-1 upgrades by McCormack of Virginia
From what I can see, in Italy Chario is considered to be better than Sonus Faber – by COMPETENT people. What I wanted to get to with my comments is just that people sometime are overly concerned with their electronics but the problem lies in their... 
McCormack DNA-1 upgrades by McCormack of Virginia
Mscott58, yes, upgrading the DNA-1 is a bad idea because of the resell value. I made this very mistake myself, with my DNA 0.5! I do like the DNA 0.5 revB. It has great timing and musicality, very good imaging, and great timbre. The only small iss... 
McCormack DNA-1 upgrades by McCormack of Virginia
I was going to say: oh, well, you don't need to buy a DNA 225, a DNA 125 is more than enough. But now I read that those chario are 81.5 dB sensitive and they're a nominal 8 ohm! So the natural question is: would you consider buying more efficient ... 
Review: Herron M1 Monaural Amplifier
Hi there, I also commented on your other review.. Just a thought: given that the input impedance of the Herron is unusually high, why don't you try a high quality stepped attenuator instead of the preamp? If you like it you could save a lot of mon... 
Review: McCormack DNA-125 Amplifier
Hi,interesting review! A couple of questions.. Do you mean that the stock DNA 125 has a little SS glare, or that even the gold version has some glare?Also, where you able to compare the 125 to the old 0.5? I'm asking because I own a DNA 0.5 rev. B... 
McCormack DNA 500 versus the best Pass Labs amp
Mitch2, what other solid state amps did you compare the DNA 500 with? 
McCormack DNA 500 versus the best Pass Labs amp
Thanks for your comment. Just to clarify, do you mean that the DNA 500 is bested by the old Pass X series or by the new Pass X.5 series (or by both)?