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Esoteric C03 preamp or Mark Levinson 326S preamp- ANY and ALL FEEDBACK / HELP PLEASE
There are two newer versions of the C03, being C03x and later C03xs.Sound stages & Sound stages Ultra reviewed these units as well as the C02, which is a higher up model.from what I remember, one of the reviewers in replying to letters stated ... 
Step down transformer (220V to 100/110V) or buy 220V version of Shindo preamp
Good info.thanks again 
Step down transformer (220V to 100/110V) or buy 220V version of Shindo preamp
@erik_squires "About sound, if you use a fully balanced transformer, you may actually improve the overall sound quality."Can you recommend a company in the U.S. That makes such transformers?thanks  
Simaudio Evolution W-8
I'll let someone else with direct experience of these units chime in and answer your question, but you usually don't get replies about Sim products over here and might have a better chance on Canadian forums...there was a review of the B&W 800... 
Simaudio Evolution W-8
Kal Rubinson reviewed this same combo: 
Repair Magnepan MG IIa vs new 1.7 or 0.7, etc
If you are able to do the repairs yourself then Order the $50 repair kit & do it leisurely and over time... with the money saved buy one of the newest versions,you'll end up with two'd perhaps not get your money back if you do t... 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
Whitecamaross,thanks for the input on the 860a, my concern is whether their Stereophile reported output of 180@8 & 290@4 would be sufficient to drive a pair of Magnepan 3.7is?I have a new 532h waiting for me at home which I haven’t heard yet d... 
Very Bad purchase from upscale audio Acoustic Zen Adagio
How did you pay?With Paypal you could always make a claim and return them to the store, you may even have the same chance with paying through a credit card comp.... 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
Whitecamaross,50c hour x 24= $12 day x 365 days= $4380 yearassuming a 35% tax bracket = $6738.46 income needed before taxes just to keep these sitting @ idle! 😳Not to metion the added electric bill for aircon etc...Aaaah thanks but with those kind... 
Sean,at this point and if it was me I wouldn’t worry about this, the worst that can happen is he sends it back to you undamaged and you issue a all probabilities like you said he figured how to turn it those who say don’t sell over... 
I think he meant $500 on top of the cost of the speakers, if that's the case then I'd recommend either Mye stands or sound anchor stands and good jumper cables. 
*****Merry Christmas Everyone*****
Happy Holidays to everyone, and a prosperous New year to come. 
Sean34,so you know; PayPal gives the buyer 180 days to file a claim and would probably freeze the amount of purchase in your account.they require the buyer to send the item back to you in the same shape it was sent to them, upon receipt ot the ite... 
Nope!Receive your item first before issuing a refund... Period.just like going to a store: first you hand over the cash then your item is handed to you, if you decide to return it then first you'll hand'em the item back they check it to make sure.... 
Audio improvement for OPPO 205
@dlcockrum,Dave,My apologies and you are right, that is for the 203. I didn't pay attention to the last digit of the unit in this discussion.😴Best to you as well