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Soundlab reliable?
'What he said', following Audiokinesis. I owned Sound Labs in 2004, and an ugly divorce helped me sell them, grrrrrr. One of the panels failed. Random bad luck, really. But guess what happened. Sound Lab repaired them for FREE!  Mr. West and crew ... 
MBL omnidirectional speakers. How do they sound ?
The MBL may be the single most difficult loudspeaker system in the world to set up correctly. I've heard them in Vegas (where rooms are always questionable) sounding both great and mediocre. Then I heard them in Munich in a room suited for them an... 
Magnepan 20.7
Bret thanks for the comments. The amp I'm using is the LSA Statement, a company I founded a few years back. It pretty much doubles into 4 and 2 ohm resistance, which is to say, it has a great power supply. I wouldn't deign to compare it to the Mag... 
Who is the best singer of the world ?
Assuming that this was a serious question, (no doubt I'm wrong once again), I think its a great question. To me, voices are very personal choices. Harry Chapin, for example didn't have a melodic voice at all, but he could inspire tears in Corey's ... 
Help me choosing an Integrated Amp
pitomazogordo,oops.I left out my other choice. Valve Amplification Company.Not knowing if tubes are an option, as for many they're not, I have to include VAC. Kevin Hayes is on another planet when it comes to design. And, he's a Good Man. His work... 
Help me choosing an Integrated Amp
Personally I am not familiar with your speakers.That may not matter with my recommendation, as it's been similar for the past, almost 20 years. One of, if not the Best sounding electronics I've heard, is the Gryphon. It is a completely transformat... 
Magnepan 20.7
bdp24 and bobheinatz,My speakers were maximized for video, since I have an 80 Flatscreen.Yet, after experimentation, I placed them a tiny bit less than 8' apart, angled in about 45 degrees. At my couch tweeters (placed inside) cross me perfectly. ... 
Magnepan 20.7
Bob, Thanks. I got trolled so many times I simply went away.This post is hardly a review, just some comments. Yeah, my room: You walk into the house, look straight back through and there's a pool in a screened enclosure, with a huge lake behind it... 
Magnepan 20.7
I heard the old Tympani's more than 30 years ago. They were and are amazing. I completely agree that the bass they recreate is wonderful. In a way, one of my favorite aspects of the Maggies is their very tuneful bass.Thanks for the response. 
Remembering Phoebe Snow on Her Birthday July 17, 1950
"Nine of Diamonds, Nine of Diamonds..."She's my enduring memory with my very first high end system.I'll never forget her.Larry 
How long do high quality speakers "last"
The question responders should ask of the OP is, physically or technologically. Larry 
Gryphon Diablo 300 vs McIntosh Mc601
The Gryphon should do a better job in every way than the Mac.It will certainly drive AND control the bass on the B&W speakers.  Both are fine products. The Gryphon is amazing.Lrsky 
CJ PV-2ar or PV-7 or ARC SP-6 for Klipsch Heresy?
I once paired a pair of horns to cj and it didn't work. The noise floor of tubes, in general was too high for speakers with about 100db sensitivity.Just something to think about.Larry 
About to buy a Wyred4Sound 1000 Watt Integrated
Thanks for your input guys. I purchased the STI 1000 yesterday. It should arrive in a few days. The Magnepans will arrive in a few weeks. Buying audio gear is a blast! 
About to buy a Wyred4Sound 1000 Watt Integrated
I understand Mcbuddah's comment, but don't agree that it takes mono blocks to get the job done. The 500WPC is a dual mono config I believe. So the essence of that is already there. My only concern was the 'voicing' of the amp/preamp--and from what...