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Review: Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD Player
Hello again,I meant to ask you, if you've run it straight into the amp as well as through a pre-amp and which gave you the best results??? 
Anyone know of the Foundation Research V6 preamp?
"Heard of" yes. Actually "heard" as in listened to? No.I don't know of anyone who has actually listened to the unit. Seems like some folklore is building about the unit. Is this all a clever marketing ploy?"Show me the preamp!" We've all been wait... 
Is Remote Control Important?
I'm curious about the comments on the Foundation Research V6 preamp. Those are bold statements for a product you haven't heard. Who told you the preamp was soooo great? The dealer??I heard of retailers waiting several years to get a hold of these ... 
Electrocompaniet CDP--SE upgrade
You might want to check with Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound. If he doesn't do it, then he can probably direct you to someone who can.Good Luck