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Suggestions for current blues guitarists
Ncarv"The first two songs on Gary Clark Jr.'s EP are killer!"What's the titles? 
Best small speakers?
Best? Who knows.... but here's a list to consider.Red Rose Rosebuds Jm lab micro beJM Labs 1007Be Dynaudio Special 25 Original Edition Magico Mini Magico Mini II Merlin tsm-MXMarten Design DukeSonus Faber CremonaSonus Faber Cremona M Coincident Tr... 
Steve Jobs we will miss you
An Insanely Great American.His Stanford Commencement Speech is a classic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1R-jKKp3NAThanks Steve and RIP. 
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals?
Lots of good stuff of there's on Youtube. Maybe a better live band than a recording band?? Can't quite figure out the "glam" direction they went on for the last year or so. Check out this cover of Neil Young's Cortez the Killer featuring Grace and... 
Thanks R.E.M.
Automatic for the People is just a great album front to back. And, incidentally, I ate at Weaver D's last Wednesday. My wife is a UGA grad has wonderful memories about seeing them at fraternities and the local bars. She remebers thinking they hit ... 
Which speakers for McIntosh tube amp MA2275-Why?
The two manufacturers that I like with Mac gear are Thiels and JM Labs. I would guess the transformers on the Macs seem to mitigate the detailed nature of these speakers. JM Labs might be a better fit for the 2275's due to Thiels impedence dips. 
best rock SACDs
The Stones! 
Dynamic speakers for OTL amps
15" dual concentric Tannoy's might be worth a look. 
What are you 'TRULY' Looking for in Loudspeaker...
Pubul57... My 94db Tannoys almost do everything on my list. But, I'm thinking about selling them and trying to get a little closer to nirvana. And, like your Merlins, they are on a short list of reasonably priced speakers (say less than $10k) that... 
What are you 'TRULY' Looking for in Loudspeaker...
1. Big tight bass and low end dynamic slam that pressurizes the room. 2. A completely transparent, uncongested, you are there mid range with spooky presence. 3. A smooth and extended, crystal clear high end that never offends. 4. With 102db effici... 
If you could bring back one great artist that has
Tiny Tim... A devastating loss. What would have been? 
Esoteric x series as transports
I am coming at this question from the opposite side of the equation. I have an Audio Note Dac3.1x being fed by a Mac Mini. I have a 100 or so SACD's gathering dust (but seemingly gaining in value)I have been oscillating between staying with the "o... 
Which components are "stupid good"?
15" Tannoy Gold's in an appropriate cabinet is the best deal I can think of. Mastersound's Integrateds are also pretty hard to beat for the price. 
Are the CD'S days numbered?
Yes- they are obsolete and everyone should sell their collections as soon as possible. 
is finding a good a/v preamp/amp asking too much?
Is your surround system going to consists of 5 or 7 speakers? If it's 5, then I suggests considering a used 5 channel reciever like a Marantz, Dennon or even a McIntosh. You won't have HDMI but you can just go direct with the wiring and probably g...