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Cartridge recomendation for Garard 301 and Ikeda IT-345CRI
High end Koetsu?? No thanks.  
Cartridge recomendation for Garard 301 and Ikeda IT-345CRI
Thanks for the recommendations.  
A separate dac and preamp or a good dac with pream
"I'd prefer to keep the digital signal separate from the analog for minimal signal disruption."Uh?? Half of a DAC IS analogue... hence the name. Separates vs integrated is a question of system sophistication and how well your speakers discern the ... 
SACD transport for W4S DAC2 DSD SE?
Playstation (not sure which version) 
Altec Lansing Model 19
2a3 Push Pull. 
Norah Jones
Agree with Djones; The Norah Jones-Peter Malick "New York" City is my favorite. I'm also a fan but understand why some people might not like her. I find her music beautiful and soothing. Love her when she plays the Hammond... that is just butter. ... 
Speaker Cables With SET Amps
Start here: Google white lightening diy speaker cables. Then if you feel like you must try something else look here: http://www.gothamaudiousa.com/thebigsale.htmThe Supr-Ply 3.4 are also a good recommendation. I've lived with White Lightening cabl... 
CD vs CD/SACD Player – Tube-based or Not
Can't help you specifically but a few thoughts on your quest. You mention a digital out but no mention of digital in?? Even if you have no plans for digital streaming/computer audio, a digital in is a must for resale or even better, you change you... 
CD transport recommendations
I've been looking for a used CD transport (cec among others) for a while now. Ever notice how the computer server users talk about how the sound is as good or better than cd transports but you hardly ever see any of the used top cd transports for ... 
Tannoy Westminister Royal SE Pre-amp Preference?
Tannoys are pretty flexible. I think your on the right track with the Viva's. I don't think ARC would be my first choice for pre amp. 
Source for copper wire
I'll go in on 40' of it. Do you think it will be better than my White lightening ($20 Walmart lampcord) speaker cables? 
$165k - $200k speaker performance for $40k ?
Do you have crawl space or an attic? You could save yourself $20,000 with infinite baffle subs. Experiment with an equalizer like Behringer Ultra Curve Pro dsp8024 or if you have money burning a hole in your pocket, get a Rives Audio Parc.The oth... 
Source for copper wire
Top Speaker Cables for SET System- under $5k used
Google White Lightening DIY.Price- $20. 
audiophile rockers
Really?? I think Katy Lied's rbcd just sounds kinda OK. I think Neil Young and Tom Petty are two artists (Rockers) that do a good job of paying attention to sonics.