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Innuos: A Cautionary Tale.
There is an unfortunate tendency for those who have not owned, meaning, lived with a product to make judgements and comparisons.  The Zen Mini is a fine product, a considerable improvement over a Node 2i, which I owned and enjoyed.  In my system, ... 
Innuos: A Cautionary Tale.
Let me clarify:1.  Innuos has a transferrable warranty.2.  Innuos confirmed that the unit at the time of failure was 4 weeks old.3.  They would not tell me where it was bought from, and which dealer to send it to.4.  The seller would not confirm w... 
Does it annoy you when companies don't show the internals of electronics ?
Yes....I do my best on Google Images to said images. 
Innuos: A Cautionary Tale.
I am glad to know that your experience did not reflect mine, especially given your investment. 
Game Changing Tweak
A critical element in making a statement regarding a product, the source of which the manufacture makes a living from, necessitates owning and having a real experience with.  I own several of products by this manufacture and can attest to the sign... 
Need speaker cable
Please check out Audio Envy, save some money, and get a great product.  I own them, they are far and above other cables I have owned, used and know. 
Audioquest or Kimber kable.
Give Audio Envy a look, a great product, and a very reasonable price. https://audioenvy.com/  
Aric Audio Super 2A3 SET
I own a preamp from Aric, beautiful sound and he could not be more helpful. 
Power Cable Suggestions
https://audioenvy.com/ Give the Captain a call, great guy, and great guy. 
My Demo results: I feel like I'm at a frustrating block in my speaker journey
Simply put Spatial Audio. 
Squashed(?) LRS
As a former Maggie owner, this is normal and does not indicate anything wrong.  The advice given is perfect. 
Its my first tube! (Preamp)
Congratulations,I own have many hours of enjoyment from Aric Audio, give him a call, wonderful products. https://www.aricaudio.com/products.php?product=UNL100 David 
Power Amp advice
Mark,We have similar systems, the same speakers, and pre-amp, let me strongly suggest.D-Sonic.Simply amazing combo.The longer I live with it, the more it opens.Give the owner a call.David 
Hey That's Not So Bad if It's Class D
I own a D-Sonic for my 2-channel system.  Amazing performance, I have them paired with Magnepan .7 and an Aric Audio tube preamp.Can not see how it is beat for under 3k. 
I’m gob smacked. What were you’re aha moments?
Moving to a D-Sonic amplifier for my Magnepan .7.  I am running an Aric Audio preamp, the combination is amazing.  Effortless, open, present and holographic.  Maggies need power and more power, current is everything.  They sing now and do what the...