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Tube monoblock options?
Actually purchased the C52 because I have the most difficult room to tame when it comes to the low frequencies.  Added as much acoustic foam, inside canvas art, to the room as the wife would allow.  The C52 allows me to tame the 25 and 50 hz. The ... 
Tube monoblock options?
Driving focal kanta 2's. Budget is $10k. My apologies regarding bridging. My audio rep stated that you can parallel the 275, but shouldn't.  
Help with ground loop
Will try, much love! 
McIntosh autoformers vs direct-coupled output
Pair of Kanta 2's with the mc452. 
McIntosh autoformers vs direct-coupled output
+1 with kosst, I'm driving a pair of Kanta 2's and have never heard of this? Would something like a Pass Lab amp drive them more appropriately?  
Amp for Sopra 2
I have the kanta 2's paired with the mcintosh mc452.  Sounds much better than the marantz I had them hooked up to previously. 
Speaker recommendations for MC275
I rock my Focal Kanta 2's with the mc275 mk vi. 
Looking for a low gain solid state preamp with balanced in/out
ps audio stellar gain cell preamp? 
McIntosh MA252 Hybrid Integrated Amp
Tried it out for awhile. Is all SS. Even my dealer said the tubes are just jewelry.  Ended up with the mc275. 
Focal Kanta No.2 speakers - any thoughts? Also in comparison with Sonus Faber Olympica 3s?
I have the Kanta 2's for my L/R/C driven by a mcintosh mc452 for 2.2 and a mcintosh mc275 tube amp for 2.0.  Awesome speakers.  
Anything wrong with PS Audio DirectStream DACs?
@emcdade - Sponsored content? 
Bp17 cube preamp
Good to know, was thinking of buying a bryston.  Will look elsewhere now. Thanks. 
Who is using their DAC as a preamp?
I've been using the Oppo 205 as a preamp as well, straight to the mcintosh mc275, but am considering putting a ps audio stellar gain cell in between to see if there's an improvement. 
Oppo 205 guagers selling used units for twice the price...
Long live capitalism!! 
Focal Kanta 2
@ Contuzzi, I'm only expressing what was shown to me by the dealer I bought mine from.  He took the invoice out from Focal and showed me exactly what they paid.  Take for what it's worth?