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Phoenix, AZ
Looking for people in the general area of tuscon I live in Huachuca city not many audio people here  if your in tuscon or closer lets get together I have a large Fulton system Lawrence  
Have only connected with albert porter anyone else like to shoot the bull have listening session?LAwrence 
I am doing well....where in plano do you live? would you like to talk give me an email on here..Lawrence 
I am in Lewisville and am new to the area also...maybe we can get together have a listen ...Lawrence 
MC Cartridges Under $1,000
currently available the Denon 103r.... in many musical ways is a giant killerLawrenceFidelity_Forward 
Finding Pure Water for Record Cleaning - very long
Old posting ...but a very very good and informative posting non the less...Thank youIMO I still think after all my research that a wet vac system will outperform the newest latest greatest wiz bang ultrasonics...and the secret is the final rinse w... 
Trans Fi Salvation direct rim drive turntable
I just wanted to point out to people with Kenwood Lo7d and similar turntables that have a magnet to unload the spindle this magnet serves 2 purposes... one it unloads(weight) the spindle/platter 2 this magnet serves for a much reduction in torque ... 
Turnable database with TimeLine
Lew upstairs it may work fine bring it down stairs where the gremlins are lurking waiting to attack! LOLLawrenceFidelity_Forward 
Turnable database with TimeLine
Lew and Mr krebs, This RF issue is real.... I have a DD turntable outside its chassis for experimentation and experienced weird speed issues(sometimes)and when sometimes the system does not play good or sound right...... but your AM radio will not... 
Are there other Artisan Fidelity TT owners aorund?
Although I do not own or plan to buy anything from Chris I drove over to one of his show house in Hammond IN I live in portage...spend several hours talking about audio, music, the industry and listening to music...a first class guy If i had the m... 
Turntable speed accuracy
I really enjoy reading about this topic!. as most of us have been through many different TT combinations etc.. think its possible to come up with a workable compromise..I did post up a video but some people had a laugh at it as i have no idea why ... 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Hello my friend ....believe it or not I found this cartridge in an estate sale along with other audio equipment ...I believe that the owner was in Japan or somewhere in those parts of the world because this person was in the military ..it's been a... 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Hi Raul, after all these years another MF2500 surfaces ...my sample that you bought was the only one in I have ever seen ...good for youLawrenceFidelity_Forward 
Linn Sondek LP12 impressions
Hi Noromance....funny how you can pick up coloration as colors esp in music as colors ...I wish more people talked like this Mine does not sound like this but maybe mine is not setup perfectly to hear this "orange color"Lawrence 
Linn Sondek LP12 impressions
Real good stuff...Has anyone in the group done some AB comparo's?Personally really liked my Linn lp12 type and like turntables...very surprising to say the least.... this is my kinda Lp turner :)Lawrence