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dCs debussy or puccini u-clock?
Please let us know your impressions. 
What amps do Electrical Engineers own...why?
Gfc...,No, on the contrary, there are very significant differences. When I was auditioning electronics, I rejected a CJ system that sounded brittle to my ears. I found this rather surprising given the supposed euphonic distortions produced by tube... 
Born to Run: Why the Poor Sound Quality?
Hi Onhwy61,This is intended to be plain English, not hyperbole. And no, there's nothing wrong. They all sound like hash, grating to my ears with little bottom end and the vocals lost somewhere in the mix. All 'cept for maybe the anniversary releas... 
Born to Run: Why the Poor Sound Quality?
There isn't a Springsteen recording that's listenable over anything but an in car CD player or FM. That's really a shame becuase the music is awesome, I just can't get through the terrible sonics to enjoy it. Shame on everyone associated with the ... 
dCs debussy or puccini u-clock?
Hi, I now own Jfrech's Uclock :-) and after listening to the Puccini alone for several years can attest to the difference it made. 
What amps do Electrical Engineers own...why?
Well, what a faux pas!! I omitted the word "not" from my post totally changing the intent. 
What amps do Electrical Engineers own...why?
As an EE, it's definitely about the specs. I own Ayre MX-Rs. First of all because they sound unbelievable paired with my Nagra PLL and WP7s, second because they provide more than ample power reserves (yeah I know that's a spec) and third because t... 
Where would you go after Wilson WP7?
I beg to disagree about comments made at audiooracle. I have almost the exact setup he recommends, in a room approx. the size of Hughp's and with WP7s and guess what, the system exhibits almost to a T the characteristics described in his post. Nag... 
what is the best power cable for the dCS Puccini
Clearly a matter of taste, but I've been using Anaconda VX with great success and a Taipan on my U-clock (only because I had it) and didn't wish to spend an add'l $2k for a current Anaconda class PC. Sounds outstanding! 
Why do my rolling stones albums sound bad?
Get the Japanese SHM-SACDs. Yes, ridiculously expensive, but you've never heard these records like that before! 
Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts
I have to echo Mlapenta's review. Saw the same lineup at ACL-Live in Austin. Stanley Clarke is a monster on bass and Dweezil channeled his father! 
Question on tube preamp
Nagra PL-L 
Last Chance Texaco. Front row last night.
OK, I'm a Rickie Lee Jones fan and I also own a very high resolution system (just added a U Clock if anyone is looking). However, the lyrics on her recordings, even the SACD of Pirates are mostly unintelligible. Is it me, Rickie, the system or what? 
Is a vinyl rig only worth it for oldies?
Newly issued material I find almost universally objectionable. That's attributable to the engineering and mastering, not any inherent fault of the medium. For some reason, reissues of older material on CD or SACD is really quite good. 
An SACD question
I specifically look for SACDs. I only have a digital front end, but I prefer them over redbook CD almost universally. What's more of a toss up is the uber expensive SHM SACDs over the normal issues. Some are better, some so much so it warrants the...