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dCS Purcell/Delius vs. dCS DeBussy...
Hello again,I hope you're able to acquire a Puccini soon. I would advise you to also plan to acquire a U-clock as soon as you can, too. You read why. Now I understand the context for your queries. good luck! 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
2009 911 Turbo, 2010 BMW 335i, 2006 BMW 330i 
Tubes/SS Power Amps?
See if you can audition Ayre MX-Rs paired with a Nagra PL-L or Jazz and then form your own opinion. 
What do audiophiles listen in their cars?
The motor. 
dCs debussy or puccini u-clock?
Thanks for the info Adg. Good luck and happy listening. 
Preamps with balanced ins/outs and remote
Nagra PL-L although both balanced outputs are optional as is the remote so you'd have to find one so equipped. Balanced inputs are standard. 
center speaker to match Sonus Faber Concertino?
I have exactly the config being discussed, Sonus Faber Walls (wall mounted equivalent of the Concertino) in a 7.1 setup with the Solo. I think it's excellent, especially considering the price. 
Nagra inventor article
RIP. I too enjoy my Nagra PLL. He left a great legacy. 
Does it matter which component I power up first?
The reason you turn on the amps last is to avoid amplifying any turn on transients from source or upstream components. Yes, some of them emit some pretty intense transients, including my Nagra PLL 
Cardas: Clear vs. Golden Reference
When the Clear line was first introduced, I was intrigued by their new termination technology used on their speaker cables. I sent my GRs in to be reterminated and was very pleased with the results. The cost was about $400. 
I need a repair tech in Austin,TX
Try Pyramid Audio 
How important is an audio rack?
Don't know what your budget is, but Grand Prix Audio makes very good racks with what I believe to be high WAF. Not cheap, but very, very good. 
$18k Tube preamp for large scale symphonies please
Philipwu (Bjbcab), I was just about to suggest the Nagra. It's total BS that "any" preamp, not just the Nagra, is unsuitable to play a particular type of music. I believe the Nagra is an exceptional pre-amp, especially when outfitted with the bala... 
Massed strings and large choral groups
I agree, the 4th movement, Chorale, from Beethoven's 9th is a challenge that my system struggles with and always frustrates me when I listen. 
Best bookshelf speakers???
Given the source quality, I think the best alternative for an appropriate price, $300-$500 might be Audioengine 5+.