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The Plangent Process playback system? Huh?
Heck, the sound continues to be awful on his recent work. It's too bad, because the music is amazing. Either he's deaf or that's the way he wants his records to sound. 
Need some recommendations - hard driving big band
Check out Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band and Dave Gruisin's "Homage to Duke" 
Best live albums from 1970's college days
Allman Bros. Live at the Filmore East. Get the "recordings" box set just released. Unbelievable. 
Any one have the latest DCS Puccini software?
I meant 1.3 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
...and now I'm prayin' for the end of timeSo hurry up man alive'cause if I have to spend another minute with youI don't know That I could really survive..... 
Any one have the latest DCS Puccini software?
Didn't know it was available. I have 3.0. Do you know what's new in this version? 
dCS Puccini built-in preamplifier
I too have a Puccini and U clock (Jfrech's old one actually)and agree that while one aspect of the sound is improved, a preamp gives a greater sense of coherency, smoothness and depth, but it has to be a good one. In my case a Nagra PL-L. 
Transparent speaker cable for Spectral DMA180
Why don't you call Spectral? 
Room Treatment
Let me echo Polk432. My room is extensively treated with ASC bass traps and diffusion devices. However, after all that there were still two bass modes that the traps couldn't ameliorate. The PARC worked wonders. Not cheap, approx. $3500, but worth... 
My most memorable ROCK moment
Went to a Byrds concert at the Ohio Theatre in '71. The opening act was an unknown piano player by the name of Elton John. Needless to say..... 
SACD player won't read SACD hybrids
The player has an optical pickup unit (OPU) that has a separate laser for the CD and SACD layers that are focused for each, along with the servo pickups. It may be that the SACD focused laser is weak or inoperative. 
In short, probably the best live sound I've ever heard. Much more integrated and with the Moody Theater's new PA speaker stack, incredibly transparent and dynamic without any fatiguing sense of being too loud. I've heard many comments stating that... 
So this week I'll have an interesting opportunity to hear Lyle Lovett in the same venue from two different seats but within two days so my audio memory should be fresh. This Tuesday I saw Lyle and his "acoustic" group at the Moody Theater from a f... 
Hi Toasty,Yes I do remember unfortunately and you're correct, vastly improved. I've also heard awful performances (sound wise) at the Moody Theatre which was entirely due to whoever was engineering. Tedeschi Truks band's first performance there ca... 
Just heard Steely Dan last week in Austin at Bass Concert hall, a rather vast 5000 set venue. Admittedly, we had outstanding seats (4th row just left of center), but the sound quality was some of the best I've heard in 40+ years of attending live ...