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Ripping CD's to hard drive
I used JRiver on my Windows 10 PC, ripped entire collection to a NAS drive. I play my collection using JRiver software through a Parasound Zdac connected to Krell Preamp and Krell Amp, and Harbeth 40.2 speakers. Inexpensive, sounds great but slow ... 
Soundstage drastically worsened when I replaced a solid state AV amp with tubes.
Soundstage is overrated. I attend many live music performances. Solo acoustic and electric, medi and large ensembles, a variety of acoustic spaces mostly I hear the sound a a giant quilt devoid of any pin point location. Soundstaging in sound repr... 
What selections do you play when showing off your system to others?
Enoch Light, Bongos Flutes and Guitars or any of his Command Performance Label recordings on vinyl  
Why do so many sellers take offense to offers on their listings?
The best way to respond to any offer, including a low ball is to send a counter offer. Being offended makes no sense. If you offer me 1000 on a 10000 lusting I will counter at 9,900. Show you are a serious seller and respond to all offers.  
why do so many discussions turn contentious?
Audiogon is hurting their brand. Either the ought to moderate the discussions, remove them entirely or set it up so if a member asks a question all responses go directly to that member. No more public discussion. The anonymity afforded by these in... 
Class A amplifiers
Last week, I shipped my Krell Evo 402e for a factory refurbishment. It is played six to eight hours daily for 10 years and well ventilated. I plan to keep it forever and feel it a good investment to refresh the unit.  
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
Led Zeppelin 1973, Sydney Australia, 100,000 people, band totally wasted, stumbling around, sound awful. Jimmie Page excellent in studio but live a disaster.Best concert, Frank Zappa, Mothers of Invention, Sydney Australia 1970 something, 40 minut... 
Harbeth 40.3 XD versus Harbeth 40.2
Very helpful. Thank you. Makes no financial sense to "upgrade". My 40.2's are awesome. 
A move from Harbeth to... Wilson?
My Harbeth 40.2 are now 5 years old. These speakers are a joy to listen to. Something intangible that is beyond description. I have no thoughts about changing or "upgrading". I can relax and enjoy my music collection. 
What's the best and/or favorite piece of equipment you've owned? And do you still own it?
Harbeth 40.2. These I will never sell 
Why are there so many wooden speakers?
My Harbeth 40.2 Monitors are real wood veneer cabinets. I love these speakers. What's my problem? Should I be unhappy? 
Upgrading to Duo 300 XD Stereo Amplifier and Illusion Preamplifier from Krell Evo
I am interested what other gear you are using with the new 375 XD amp? 
Upgrading to Duo 300 XD Stereo Amplifier and Illusion Preamplifier from Krell Evo
Speakers are Harbeth 40.2 and the combo with Krell is superb. After 30 years of this hobby, I am enjoying the Harbeths more than any speakers I've owned in the past. I have had them for four years and have no desire to change. 
MQA is Legit!
After 50 years of listening and owning many different systems IMO the most important variable is the quality of the recording. For the past ten years I have focussed on music that is well recorded and in the process have significantly expanded my ... 
Need Suggestions for speakers up to $15K new/used
Harbeth Monitor 40.2. Just bought a pair new under $15,000. I have purchased lots of new gear over the years and this is the best and most easily noticeable upgrade I have ever acquired. They are not sexy looking like some of the trendy