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Just ordered Odyssey Stratos Extreme
I've always had the best luck calling Klaus in the evening. He doesn't work the regular 9-5 schedule. In all reality he works a 12pm to 12am schedule. Make sure you leave a message and I'm confident he will get back to you.Stereo5, I have never he... 
Just ordered Odyssey Stratos Extreme
I've been living quite happily with my Stratos Extreme SE Stereo for about 2 years now. I couldn't be happier with the sound, the service (20 year warranty) and the man behind the Odyssey name (Klaus). I'm a customer for life as I was given the ch... 
Monitors for Extreme Near-field listening
I couldn't be happier with my Audio Engine A5's paired with a single SVS SB12-Plus subwoofer. Smooth and natural highs that are never fatiguing and a fantastic midrange. Plus you don't need an amp and they image like never before.Happy Listening 
are all amps equal
"03-27-09: CyclonicmanHow can anyone think that they could be?"The idea of all amps being equal can easily be understood if you read the random bantering on avsforum and other similiar sites. The majority of the folks that post over there believe ... 
Your average size city apartment deserves speaker
Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grande. Beautiful towers that image well and sound sweet and engaging. They do take a good amount of current so make sure you connect them to an amp with balls. Primare i30 would be able to handle the job without a problem. 
AudioBench A5 or Passive speaker with receiver.
I once owned the Klipsch 2.1 speaker system for my computer and I was very happy with it. I had it throughout my college days (test to the durability) and had them for an additional 2 years after that. I too was struck with the itch to try somethi... 
odyssey stratos
I recently purchased an Odyssey Stratos with the Extreme SE upgrades and could not be more pleased with how it mates with my Mirage M-3si's. Give Klaus a call as he is not only an excellent business person but also quite enjoyable to just chat wit... 
Best Buy selling Vienna Acoustics speakers
I work for Best Buy and believe I can add a few important points to this debate.Best Buy buying Magnolia is indeed a great acquisition and hopefully I can shed some light on this topic. First and foremost it presents our world, the obscure world o... 
Tubes at Best Buy. Yes, it's true.
I have got to hand it to Philips, two years ago we had a mini system from them on the shelf that had a ribbon tweeter. The system also had a seperate amp, preamp/tuner and cd player that were stacked similiar to a hi-fi system. 
How do I bypass KMixer in Windows XP
Can anyone explain how to get teh ASIO4all driver to work with Windows Media Player 11? 
How do I bypass KMixer in Windows XP
Can anyone explain how to get teh ASIO4all driver to work with Windows Media Player 11? 
Best Small budget speakers for girlfriend
I will place another vote for the Audio Engine 5. They are the perfect size, the sound is absolutely amazing with a sweet midrange and they have a surprising amount of bass from such a small cabinet. 
Integrated Amp for Monitor Audio RS6
Primare builds some fantastic gear that doesn't get a whole lot of press. I'm an owner of their CD21, which is a fantastic sounding and very well built cd player. I had the chance to listen to a CD21 paired up with an I21 hooked up to Vienna Acous... 
Are there any quality Phish recordings?
Thank you everyone for your input.