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Preference - Sonus Faber, Dynaudio or Focal
What power amp will you use with SF Ms? 
Preference - Sonus Faber, Dynaudio or Focal
Really tough choices. Chocolate or Vanilla?I would focus on the music or instruments that you follow as major factor and electronics (tubes or SS.) Determine the strong points of M and 2. Could you live with either M or 2 and be satisfied with lis... 
Great Organists in Rock
Neil Larsen on Hammond B-3 Organ.Just a killer jazz fusion solo artist with CDs Jungle Feaver and Through Any Window. Played mainly with artist Kenny Loggins, George Benson, Lenoard Cohen, Robben Ford, Buzz Feiten, Ricky Lee Jones and George Harri... 
Itunes keeps stopping
Maybe it's your Network. 
Harbeth M30 Amp suggestions
Congrats on the M30 speakers. Too bad you "dumped" the MC275 for SS. However, the SE delivers greater overall current available to output stage, translating to increased speed, bass response, resolution and micro-detail/dynamics. The M30 at 6 ohm ... 
Top 10 Snafus to avoid when building a good rig
Buying a component that "looks good" but doesn't sound good in your listening environment. 
I have a AC Regenerator. Get dedicated line too?
Alonski my dedicated line was $350. And the line was 75' to my listening room. We also A/B new and old lines for noise.Electrician spent more time determining where to drop the line from the attic and avoiding a cold waterline during installation. 
Two JL F212s verses two Velodyne 18 plus?
Go with JL F212s and save money for room treatments and bass traps.Think about ease of setup and integration using a spectrum analyzer to match it to the rest of your system. 
Buy new outlets:SR-Z1 shunyata researchTESA Plex SE synergistic researchThat's my plan with new Old house and outlets that SUCK. 
Amp for Focal Scala Utopia
Replacing the cheap 25 cent fuse will not produce a measured improvement but IMO improves the overall smoothness and little details heard from the likes of percussion and some voices. I use both manufactures in my system:HiFi Tuning Fuses $39IsoCl... 
Synergistic Research subwoofer cable hookk up
No problem...Red to amplifier right speaker red terminalYellow to amplifier left speaker red terminalBlack to amplifier left speaker black terminal 
Amp for Focal Scala Utopia
Second that from Pdreher...another MC275 run in mono with upgraded tubes. Also, change fuse and power cord as adding a level of detail. 
Suggestion for Anthem P5 Amp Stand
Core Audio Design 
Cabinet Making Crossover Tweakers
Audio Note 
Dynaudio packing Grill on or off
For additional protection ship with grill on.