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Dali 400mkii or 800mkii?
If you're really like movies...Suggest purchasing Dali Helicon 300's--since you have a 56 lb beast of a center channel. If you purchase the 300's, then you can upgrade to Anthem AVM 50v or Arcam AV888 as an option.For two-channel music the 300's w... 
Tube question for the electrical engineers
If your C220 is blowing tubes consistently what about the internal fuses? 
Bass and Bass Traps
Do you have panels at the first and second reflection points? 
New Magico speaker photo
Interesting that Marten Design has developed Django $15K which provides high performance with high value to compete with Magico and others.Thought the S5 $28K would be far less. 
New cables, help
Recommend Analysis Plus --Big Silver Oval for speaker and interconnects.Team of designers also customized cables with different connections to work with my current system. 
New Magico speaker photo
Yeah I saw that image and the S5 in the jolly rancher colors. 
who makes the best kt88 tube
Psvane T series premium grade tubes seem to be better option of the series.Grant Fidelity has great information on the BB tubes which sometimes on other websites if shopping for tubes can be a mystery.For other options checkout tubedepot for Genal... 
Problem with my Atma-Sphere M60
My bag Dracule. I figured you would just look at the other fuses to determine what you needed.HiFi Tuning manufactures fuses SLOW and FAST. At first glance I only saw FAST 5A fuse which is what I posted.Hopefully you get better fuses. 
Problem with my Atma-Sphere M60
5A should be Fast blow.Check as they have a good list of fuses from HiFi Tunning to match your needs. 
Any "Deadhead" audiophiles out there to help
Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval works great. 
Speaker recommendations for small space
Also research BeoLab 3 and BeoLab 4000 from Bang & Olufsen. That fits your first object of active loudspeakers plus they fit in tiny spaces. Expensive but killer sound from a tiny box. 
Any "Deadhead" audiophiles out there to help
Well done!I would focus on smaller details for refinement:Dedicated AC linesAudiophile Grade OutletsRoom Treatments that are (WA of course) and visually koolUpgraded power cord for plasma and OppoUpgraded speaker wires and IC for sourceAdd another... 
Recommend an amp for two sets of speakers
Try M or M. Manely or McIntosh.Manely Snapper 100 watt ultralinearMcIntosh MC2102 100 wattMcIntosh MC275 75 watt 
Purpose of using same speakers for surround?
For space reasons I have in-wall speakers for the rear which work fine. Plus I didn't spend a ton of money and concert DVDs sound pretty good. 
Replaced stock McIntosh 12ax7a with gold lion ecc8
Did you get matched quad?