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Tube Monoblocks in the 5-7K Range
Scot have not auditioned Carver or Primaluna however, consider McIntosh MC275.Couple pair of Mcintosh MC275's for sale on the GON.I use two in mono to drive my Helicon 300 which are studio monitors with great midrange when used with the right elec... 
Sub's for Magenpan 3,7
Nice system K-Rose. You don't need a preamp if you buy REL subs. And connection is really easy.Besides the obvious sound of real sub bass, I look for adjustments in the crossover and high/low outputs at small increments. And being a woodworker, I ... 
PurePower what are your thoughts?
Looks like the newer model has more continuos watts and potentially longer output when power fails:PP 2000+: 1800 watts continuous / 2340 short term (2 min.) PP 2000: 1400 Watts Continuous, 2000 Watts Short Duration The PP website does not do a go... 
System needs more watts??
More power baby!My Dali Helicon 300 are powered with MC275 in mono-200 watts.T 
Sonus Faber Cremona M vs Verity Audio Parsifal
G...bear don't you own the SF Cremona Ms?Good comparision. Wonder what the advantages are for SF Cremona M single enclosure compared to VA Parsifal two seperate enclosures?Plan on a bit more extended highs with the VA Parsifal at 50kHz compared to... 
Acou Zen vs Anaysis Plus vs Cardas Clear Sp. Cable
[Does the AP Oval 9 use teflon as the dielectric?] Could not confirm if teflon dielectric is used for the cable. Reviewed online brochure for additional details.[What type of bass does the 9 vs the Satori produce? Is it highly detailed tight and d... 
Acou Zen vs Anaysis Plus vs Cardas Clear Sp. Cable
Gelaw AP Oval 9 should provide good weight and bass for your long runs. I've auditon all the AP products and would not hesitate to purchase the AP Oval 9. I can tell you from evaluating monitors with 6" drivers that AP cables can improve bass notes. 
the natural sound of a cymbal
Yelowjackets Time Squared and Altered State recorded with Sabian cymbals. Timeline Zildjian cymbals. 
the natural sound of a cymbal
Yellowjackets Altered State, Time Squared and Timeline.Zildjian cymbals are used on these recordings. 
Gold Lion KT88's Upgrade
Ensure they are a matched Quad. 
Add Sub Woofer
REL allows you to use neutrik speakon connector. This has the advantage of ensuring that the REL receives the same signal as the main speakers. But it does not use the power from your amp just the signal. 
Planning to buy new MC275 for Dynaudio Audience 72
Sourav the MC275 should do fine with Audience 72. My current speakers- Helicon 300s -are rated 4 ohm and a single MC275 delivered great bass and midrange with lush sound. For me it was a good match with the right cables in a small listening room. ... 
McIntosh Mc202 or Conrad Johnson MF2300a amp?
Chad what speakers are you using?The MC202 has peak output current of 50 amperes per channel. I never look at watts but more on the ability to deliver more current into low impedance loads. CJ rated 240 watts but not sure the current output for lo... 
Tube Roll for McIntosh C2300 PreAmp
Mullard and Svetlana are other options. 
REL T1 or T5? apples to oranges?
The REL T5 Won the 2011 Golden Ear Award from The Absolute Sound. The T5 crossover is borrowed from R-Series and uses a custom-made woofer, for 8". Thinking the T5 maybe more for music.