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BAT VK-3i / BAT VK-30 or Herron VTSP-1A pre amp
Thank you KennyB! 
BAT VK-3i / BAT VK-30 or Herron VTSP-1A pre amp
Hi KennyB,What does the SF Line 3 do better than the BAT Vk-3i?Thanks! 
new to tubes, match for spectral amp
Not recommended at all! If you are inkling for the tube sound it is better to get a tube amp to mate with your DMC-30. Or get the DMA-150 II Studio version with the proper input protection and then you can use your tube pre-amp of choice and with ... 
Cary 805c and Quad ESL-63 Combination?
Hi,If the Quads are the speaker you will be using then the 805C should be no problem at all. Quads only like to see about 50 to 100 watts and the 805C is a big 50 watts compared to similar solid state amp. 
Cary V12 opinions wanted
Hi,I heard the V12 and 805C in the same set up and defintely the 805C sound better. Bigger sound, image, more rich tone, better soundstage and focus. 
Hovland v. c-j 17LS
Thanks Rcprince! I did not know AO picked up Hovland. 
Hovland v. c-j 17LS
Thanks for your input ken! 
Spendor S3/5 that good?
Hi,They are very accurate in tone. I passed on these for a second speaker because they were somewhat boxy, had smaller than life images, didn't excel in dynamic contrasts. Hope this helps! 
Please, learn from my mistakes
Hi Bostonorgane,Thanks for your informative post! Is the Meridian 508.20 still available new or is it only now 508.24?Thanks! 
Audio Research comparison
Hi Kublakhan,Does the AR Ref. MK II pre use a single gain stage with no cathode follower like the BAT VK-50SE pre?Thanks! 
What SS amp has the fastest warm-up time
Hi,Thanks for all your responses! You guys got me thinking that stand-by might not be bad after all. The other issue is that it seems like I'm leaving a 200 watt halogen light on 24/7 and that seems to be a waste. Doesn't stand-by cause excess wea... 
I opened both MIT and Transparent netwks
Hi Troy,What model of the MIT and Transparent cable did you take apart? Thanks! 
BAT VK 500?
Hi Lev335,What things did the ML 335 do better than the BAT that made you switch? Does the 335 sound cool/less warm than the BAT? I haven't decided yet myself. BTW how does the Jeff Rowland Model 10 compare if you have demoed before you got your 3... 
ARC 100 Mk11or Conrad Johnson 11a?
Hi James,I saw your FS ad on the Lamm ML 1 monoblocks awhile back. Why did you sell them? What are you using now that you think is better? Thanks! 
What Comes After Dynaudio Contour 3.3?
Hi,Can the Confidence 5 disappear sonically like Audio Physic Virgos, Avalon Eidolons and other speakers who reportly do disappearing acts?Thanks!