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Bi-amping B&W Nautilus 802's?
KAV-300i is not enough power for the N802's. If you want to Bi-amp you have to worry about matching the amp's sensitivity and gain. What i would do is to get a single powerful amp or maybe a pair of the same amp for Bi-amping if you wish. I heard ... 
Martin Logan SL3
Hi Olivier, Do you vacuum your speaker at least once a month? Dust can cause electrostatic speaker to make noises. Also try to avoid touching the panel with cloth since the panel will attract fibers. Everytime before you vacuum make sure your spea... 
Leave My Tube Amp/Pre-Amp Powered Up?
Hi, power tubes only last around 2000 hour under normal usage. I would leave it on all the time only if I'm rich. 
Last CD purchase; M.L. 39 or Wadia 850?
i compared 850 n 39 when i was looking for cd/processor for my ARC VT-100 MKII. i didn't want to buy a pre-amp too. i end up buying the 850 cuz it suit my music(heavy bass stuff) better. 850's bass was way better than 39 in every aspect, tighter, ...