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Aria phono preamp - Mike Elliot blog
Casaross, what's the word? I'm dying over here. 
young and new to analog.
I disagree w/ suggestions to buy anything new and I'd stay away from the cheaper solid states because i just don't think any qualify as 'audiophile sound.' Audio Research has excellent solid state vintage gear from the 80s.Technics 1200 turntableR... 
young and new to analog.
Read this site: http://www.kabusa.com/frameset.htm?/index.htmKevin at Kab audio makes a great case for why the stock Technics SL-1200 direct drive turntable beats out the so-called 'audiophile' tables costing much more. You can get a new or used o... 
Help: Strobing on rear projection TV
chad, i was saying i'm surprised you clean the filter of your tv every 100hrs. i bought my tv used and have no idea how many hours are on it but now i have a worse problem...there's a hum! it's worse with the dvd player than the satellite dish but... 
.wav to .flac conversion using MAC OS X
My understanding is that you can't convert from wav to flac or to any other lossless format and keep track titles, etc. I think wav files don't contain metadata which is what you're missing when converting to .flac. at least that was my understand... 
Help: Strobing on rear projection TV
every 100 hours! jeez.Thanks for the tip. I guess i'll try to get a manual for the tv and figure out how to change the bulb. do you think it's something i'll have to get a tech in for or is changing the bulb relatively user friendly? 
i am looking for good small rack
natalie portman 
AKG K1000 Headphones & Cayin Integrated Amps
I tried the K1000's with the Cayin A-88T but liked my Cary 300SEI a bit better. Ultimately I was not at all a fan of the K1000 (too thin and bright w/ no bass extension) and uncomfortable) and preferred my Sennheiser 650s from the Cary but by far,... 
Exporting music at lower bitrate to iPod?
i'm trying it now...it's going to take a while.Thanks in advance! 
Who is your favorite jazz pianist
Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Have we mentioned Erroll Garner yet? 
Who is your favorite jazz pianist
Art Tatum and McCoy Tyner when he was with Trane. 
Radiohead: In Rainbows -- Vinyl or CD?
I bought the vinyl on the internet and the CDs came with it. I don't know if that was just the internet offering or not. My table is down now so i haven't been able to compare 
The "Spoiler" with "Pace Car"
Hey Detlof happy new year!I have a DAC-1 fully modded by Steve with an Off Ramp I2S. Do you have any thoughts as to whether it would be worth upgrading to your setup?Whoops, never mind. I just checked the price! 
What's your favorite remake of a song
cat power's 'satisfaction' is so nice 
Jimmy Page?
by the way, just wikipedia jimmy page