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Best and Worst Rock Concert Moments
Best: Seeing Koyaanisqatsi with Philip Glass and his orchestra playing the soundtrack live. It was right after 9/11 so the film was especially profound and you could sense it in the audience who sat through the entire film w/o so much as moving a ... 
Most improved players?
John Coltrane! His standard ballads at the beginning of his career bare virtually no resemblance to where he ended up (which is on Saturn and I love it!) 
Authenticating Autographed Items?
if you google autographs america it's not good news 
Reiner RCA "Sheherazade" LP
i think you can backorder it at acousticsounds.com 
The Best $10,000.00 Table + Cartridge
LOL - Audiofeil, I luv ya, but how bout a bit more elaboration? 
The Best $10,000.00 Table + Cartridge
Read the stereomojo review on the Raven One and see if you don't become obsessed, like i've now become, with owning one.w/o knowing anything about your system, my other obsession right now is Mike Elliot's new Aria phono/line pre. 
Audio web site
Obviously audioasylum but it's more confusing than audiogon.somewhat off topic there's a new review site called stereomojo that's excellent. no forums for for sale ads but great, no b.s. reviewing over there. 
first vinyl purchase for new tt
The best sounding vinyl i've ever heard was Classic Records 45speed St. James Infirmary by Louis Armstrong.Let us know how that Technics holds up through the dartzeels! What other tt's have you compared it to? Very interesting. 
I got around $2000 to play with....
I agree with Bob Reynolds...Go with something like the ATC active (I would go used) and get a benchmark USB DAC and forget about the cdp and instead use your computer as a music server. That would be the best bang for the buck and it would allow y... 
Thinking about selling Vinyl collection - long
I had 1000 records I wanted to sell once and some of them were rare-ish, going for up to $50 per LP on ebay. When I brought a box of twenty good ones to a store (Amoeba in Hollywood) they only wanted about 4 of them and offered around $2 each. If ... 
Technics 1200 Sent for KAB Mods - w/Audio Samples
This is a great idea. I have a fully modified KAB 1200 but didn't get a chance to listen to the unmodified version first so I'm very interested. How long before you think you'll have the comparison tracks up? 
Hairdryer for Sale on Gon
Mike, your system is incredibly revealing. Do you think those of us with more humble systems will hear the dramatic difference you describe? 
Hairdryer for Sale on Gon
Zenblaster gets my 'Comment of the Year award!' LOL!!!And HEY DK! 
System Pictures & a kind of "dating service"
what 'new look and thread previews?' Am I missing something? 
Aria phono preamp - Mike Elliot blog
John, can anybody access the newsgroup? I don't see info about it on the site.off topic a bit...i'm not so sure naming his company Aria was a good idea. Searching for info regarding 'aria' is a major problem, as you can imagine.