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Blindfold test
I think that there are plenty of guys around here that care more about testing while blind, than they do just enjoying the music. Many also seem quite interested in NOT hearing differences, while "blind". Just my opinion. I've found that it's more... 
How can power cords make a difference?
Jay, I always wash my brain with Kontak, and chase it with bleach. It helps me hear power cord differences better. Don't knock this tweak til you try it. It also helps clear up some of my other brain problems. 
Can’t believe anyone
While I am unfamiliar with much of your equipment, my feeling is that your cabling could be upgraded. However, a front end is where upgrades really make a difference, it's just that I am unsure about the Arcam line. 
How can power cords make a difference?
Power cords make a difference, because they are in series with the AC current that supplies the audio equipment's power supply, with AC electricity. 
Speaker Cable Terminations
You are asking too much, it seems to me, especially with your vague reference to "effective but inexpensive". There are many different approaches to all the questions you ask, with each cable manufacturer having slightly differing philosophies. My... 
Building a new listening room. Help ?
Robert E. Green has written some cool stuff on the TAS website, and if I remember correctly, makes reference to other literature on the subject of acoustics. Good luck. If it were me personally, I wouldn't worry about how low the theories describe... 
Room Acoustic Treatment with High WAF?
The Echobuster panels look pretty nice. The WAF is a tuff issue to get past, though. 
Carl hears through Diamond
Lak, I agree. I've been lurking around here for a while, and I must say that this Carl guy seems to have his following; not of supporters, but of bashers. It's so unjustified! I've read many of his posts amongst the 500 or so threads he participat...