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Revelation Audio Labs
I have been waiting 3 months+ for the headphone cable. Same thing: great communication prior to sale, but since payment he has gone silent. I am choosing to just assume it is similar to Double Helix Headphone Cables. They have a 4-5 month wait tim... 
Why so many headphones for sale with less than 10 hours of listening time?
I have asked myself the same question!  I recently purchased a LCD3 w/ "less then 10 hours" on them.  And I am absolutely loving them!  While I can't confirm the validity of the usage, I assume now that issuing that statement "less then 10 hours" ... 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
ctsooner- I agree.  Ayre is fantastic.While I do have limited experience, I have found Ayre to be the most enjoyable DAC, befitting of my musical tastes/preferences and wallet.  I was able to compare to dB Labs Tranquility SE, Auralic and ifi iDSD... 
Your single favorite component
New to the A-Gon' but appreciate reading everyones blog posts.  Ive been enjoying my little David Berning tube MicroZOTL HPA!  Is fantastic