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sacd vs xrcd
Anyone ever heard of this speaker manufacturer ?
They've been around for a few years. Made some decent impressions at CES and other shows. 
How to hook up two 5.1 channal analogs to receiver
Try the Sony TA-P9000ES. It has 2 6channel inputs and a 6 channel bypass input (also a 2channel bypass input). 
XLR, Balanced, same thing???
Balanced means that there are two signal lines, of opposite electrical phase and equal amplitude. Neither is referenced to ground. The most common balanced audio connector is XLR. (Unbalanced has one signal line referenced to ground.)However, as y... 
SACD setup help
You are not getting SACD even in two channel mode with a digital coax from Sony to Yamaha. There is no digital output from SACDs, only from the CD layer of hybrid discs. The only way to get the SACD information out (stereo or multichannel) is by c... 
Best amps for new B&W Nautilus 800's
Actually, they were not biamped with the BCs. Instead each BC was bridged to a monoblock for each channel. The eVo2s work well, too. 
Tube Rolling in a SF Line 3
Agreed. If you want to further experiment, stick to that pair of 6922s. 
Revel Studios and?
I use the Sonic Frontiers Line3 and Power3 with the Studios with wonderful results. Another amp that complements them is the Classe CAM350. Commenting on the rest of the components makes for too many variables. 
Balanced and Unbalanced?
Same story as the perennial question of whether you can connect 2 amps directly to the same speaker even if you use only one amp at a time. If you connect the two sources to an amp which lacks a selector switch to select bal/unbal, the two sources... 
RB-300:help ;I think I'm wacked
Nothing too ridiculous? I built an SME-type dovetail slide with VTA adjustment for the RB300. Makes setup easy and secure. 
Theta v.s. Sim Audio
You oughta go listen and on Maggies. They do sound quite different. 
CES 2003 show: do they sell products?
Officially, there are no sales. However, some(!) exhibitors will sell displayed merchandise at the end of the show to avoid costs of return shipment. Catch as catch can. 
Are Capitole and Mephisto recommended components?
I do not recall either being reviewed. You can check this at the Stereophile website by doing a search of the back issues. 
What is the finest SACD's you ever heard?
Mahler Symphony #5, Zander, Philharmonia (Telarc)SWING LIVE, Bucky Pizzarelli (Chesky)