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What is your take on high efficient speakers vs. low efficient speakers?
    charles1dad 8,981 posts 08-10-2022 at 09:34pm  @sbank  Duke is wise. Agreed, and humb... 
Tekton haters and bashers you just got a new target!
I’ve never heard a Tekton speaker so I am obviously no Tekton fanboy, but it seems to me that the MA 50 midrange/tweeter array bears a striking visual resemblance to that of many of the Tektons.  
What does Q mean in speaker specifications?
Do horn woofers have a Qtc?  
DSP vs. active analog crossover vs. passive analog crossover. What is your take?
Hey, phusis.  I only use two HT Tuba folded corner horns.  Considering that the enclosures are eighteen cubic feet each even that occupies a fair amount of floor real estate.  Besides that my room only has two suitable corners.  
DSP vs. active analog crossover vs. passive analog crossover. What is your take?
@kingharold "I don’t have exactly the same problems like you since my horn is dual concentric from 22k down to 400 Herts (it might even go down to 200 H since most likely I would let the dual 12" low midrange speakers go full range). However, I’... 
DSP vs. active analog crossover vs. passive analog crossover. What is your take?
Considering that Mobile Fidelity got away with sneaking a A/D conversion and a D/A conversion into their Original Master LPs for fifteen years perhaps analog purist aren't as able to hear digital processing as they have believed themselves to be. ... 
Diy Audio
Mark989, I applaud your desire to build your own speakers.  When I first built my own speakers about fifty years ago I started out with zero budget and near zero knowledge.  My first effort was literally built with drivers and plywood I scavenged ... 
The Best Speakers in the World!
lanx0003, thanks for the compliments, but I will pass on the You Tube video.  I don't have good microphones any more so the best I could do is an I-phone video.  Being a contrary geezer I tend to avoid doing unnecessary things I can't do really we... 
The Best Speakers in the World!
lanx0003, after I posted the post above I sent you a message providing my cell phone #.  Give me a call.  
The Best Speakers in the World!
lanx0003 I would be pleased to welcome you to my very modest old home to hear my horn speakers.  I live in rural NW Georgia near Rome.  Where are you located?  
The Best Speakers in the World!
The best speakers in the world FOR ME are my DIY fully horn loaded triamplified speakers.  It didn't start out that way.  After I first built them I spend thirteen years changing horns, changing drivers, adding super tweeters, changing all three p... 
Tekton Design Moab
I have never heard a Tekton speaker so I have nothing to say other than they seem to provide a lot of speaker for the money.  What prompted me to post, and please excuse me if someone else pointed this out,  is the frequently mentioned statement t... 
My experience with the First Watt F7
I was using Cary Audio 2a3 SET monoblocks to amplify the mids and highs of my fully horn loaded triamplified DIY speakers.  After reading the Six Moons review of the First Watt F3 I bought one to try with my horns.  I liked it so well I bought a s... 
On or Off
I reently bought a used Pass Labs XP-17 phono preamp.  It too only has an on/off switch on the back.  I called Pass Labs and was told to leave it on all the time.  
Are You Happy With Your Phono Preamp?
I recently bought a used Pass Labs XP 17 phonostage and I am absolutely delighted with it.  To begin with in my system it is stone silent even with my 106 dB sensitivity speakers.  Also its dynamics are exemplary, markedly improved over my previou...